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The Best, and Worst Movies of 2015: According to Kyle

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It is the end of another year and with that comes the traditional lists.  You have seen Kaitlyn’s list, but you have not seen mine.  When deciding what films I should list in my top ten I thought about the films that I have added to my personal library, or watched more than once.  In other words the top ten films I personally enjoyed, not just the films I think are the best of the year, a fairly arbitrary distinction I know, but if I didn’t make that distinction it would be a very similar list nearly every other top ten out there.

First, I think I should cover the worst of the year.  These films I did not enjoy, at all and some I downright loath.

Runners up: Films I did not care for, but didn’t find a hope in the elite top ten list.

Now the top ten worst movies of 2015, according to me:

10: Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter ascending advance screening

This movie simply failed to deliver the spectacular story the visual effects promised.  It was convoluted and nonsensical and simply dull.

9: Get Hard


This was supposed to be a comedy, but instead it was simply a sad statement on what some people think is comedy.

8: Insurgent

insurgent advance screening

The first film was awful and unbearable, the second was all that and more.  Not only does the story make no sense, but the film is so riddled with plot holes I spent the entire film wishing someone would just fall into one.

7: Pan


It is rare that I walk out of a film laughing because I have no idea what the film was supposed to be, and I don’t think the filmmakers knew what it was supposed to be either.

6: Little Boy

LITTLE-BOY-One-Sheet_ sm

I might have been more disgusted with this film than any I have ever seen before.  Using “Little Boy”, the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima as a clever plot device literally made me feel sick.

5: The Gallows

the gallows advance screening

Another awful found footage ultra low budget horror film, they are not fun to watch, and no one dies fast enough.

4: Unfriended


Nothing is more fun that watching someone else use a computer, especially if they use it badly.

3: Fifty Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey advance screening

It was not romantic, it was not sexy, it was not tantalizing, scandalous, or entertaining.

2: Pixels


It is not often I feel my intelligence has been insulted quite like I did after watching this film.

1: Fantastic Four 

Fantastic Four

Atrocious writing, and amateurish film making earn this film my top, or bottom, honors for 2015 worst film.  Everyone involved in the production of this film should be embarrassed for the product that was released.

 Now if you are anything like me, and I hope you are not, you will be asking what I did like this year, first the honorable mentions, I really enjoyed these films but couldn’t find a place for them in the big ten.

Here it is, the list of films that you should have already seen, but if you haven’t you should.

10: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


It is one of the most charming films of the year, possibly even more charming than its predecessor.

9: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

me and earl and the dying girl advance screening

It will make you laugh while making you cry, unless you are made of stone, it will make you feel something.

8: Hateful Eight


It is traditional film making, with Tarantino behind it all.

7: Straight Outta Compton

straight outta compton advance screening

If you forgot, like me, why you loved N.W.A. this will remind you while keeping you entertained.

6: Ex Machina

ex machina advance screening

With a microscopic cast, and an unbelievably captivating story, this is some brilliant sci-fi.

5: Inside Out

pixar inside out

You will feel feelings about feelings.  It is a unique film that does so much right.

4: Kingsman: The Secret Service

kingsman: The secret service

I have a soft spot for great comedy, and this is one of the best comedies of the year, while also being one of the best action films of the year.

3: Trumbo


Do you love dialogue that is fit to be carved into granite, with political intrigue about the entertainment industry?  I do.

2: Mad Max: Fury Road

mad max fury road

This choice needs absolutely no justification, you either loved this film, or you haven’t seen it, or you are just wrong.

1: The Martian


I love this movie to an obscene degree.  Not only is it incredibly smart, it is nearly perfectly paced, hilarious, and exciting.  It is as close to a perfect film as I believe you will ever see, and it even included a Bowie song.

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