The Battery (2012) – Review

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Save for the zombies, it’s like any other stroll in the woods.

Taking place in the back woods of post-apocalyptic New England, The Battery is a story of two former baseball players whose contrasting personalities are more a nuisance than the plague. Having little more than the clothes on their backs, a baseball bat and a Discman; the pair traverse the forest and their friendship with no set destination. Jeremy Gardner not only wrote and directed The Battery he is also our main character Ben, who alongside Mickey (Adam Cronheim) are challenged at every turn on their journey. While Ben is comfortable with their ongoing nomadic lifestyle, Mickey longs for love, stability, and a real bed. When contact is made via radio with a group of survivors, Mickey is met with hostility by the voices on the other end. This chance encounter leads to one mistake. A mistake that puts these drifters in a dire situation. One they may not be able to escape.

When all seems lost, The Battery shows us that even in the toughest of situations it’s sometimes easiest to just walk away…


The Battery is a zombie film, but even more so it is a story about survival. Survival from one’s self, those around you and yes, surviving the undead as well. For those of you out there hoping for some Dawn of The Dead remake ‘opening scene of chaos’ or ALL of 28 Days and Weeks Later, this isn’t that. In fact the surroundings are so rural that most of the film is quiet; which I believe is what makes it so good. Think indie film about friendship meets occasional zombie with a lush side of greenery and excellent soundtrack. The story is slow and you’ll probably sit through the entire thing waiting for something more, but that’s just it, there is nothing more. That’s the beauty in it. Each moment is held and collectively those moments make up one damn good movie.

For loving the zombie genre as much as I do, I was a bit let down by the amount of zombies in the movie. It made sense due to the desolate areas in which the story takes place. I just crave any zombie screen time I can get! Though the apocalypse is more so a backdrop to the trials and tribulations of our fevered baseball players, a few more zombies wouldn’t have hurt.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

As for that soundtrack I mentioned. It’s worth a listen. Rock Plaza Central performs a few songs that really set the tone in the film. Check out the full list of bands/songs here.

Did you know that this film was shot over a 2 week period on a $6000 budget and was a HUGE hit at international film festivals? Are you into supporting a good cause? You can pay a mere $5.00 to instantly stream or download your own copy of The Battery here. The proceeds directly support the filmmakers so they can make more great movies like this!

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