The Awesomness Of Classical Music

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I’ve come to realize that music pretty much dominates my life as most of the time I can barely function unless there’s some music being played. Most of the time it’s more of the hard bluesey type rock or most of the many sub-genres of metal. Though I hate any of this generic indie pop rock rubbish as it sounds all the same.

Which brings me onto another small love, perhaps a guilty pleasure – Classical music. While my collection might not be extensive, I often play classical as it’s really relaxing, something which I need more often than not these days.

There are a few pieces of classical music that are so incredibly epic – The 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky being one such case just because it goes on for 15 minutes and has the epic ending with mortars and cannons. Also it made the ending of V for Vendetta so much better:

The next and possibly my favorite piece is Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S Bach. This piece is usually played on an organ, organs so big that they are only located in large concert halls or cathedrals, and are notoriously difficult to play. Every finger and both your feet are used which to me makes it far harder than any drumming or piano work.

This piece if music can kick out the kind of bass that many rock bands can only dream of – I recommend that you turn the bass and the volume way up. I guarantee you will love it.

However if you blow the speakers or the neighbors complain, it’s not my fault.

Now on with the video if said piece. It’s not a perfect rendition, but you can still see how difficult it can be to play, not to mention the sheer grand scale of the organ itself – Enjoy!

In recent times, many bands have incorporated classical or symphonic elements into their songs. The most notable of which, in my opinion, is Nightwish. However for me, any group that mixes rock music over classical (or vice versa) is a match made in heaven.

Both KISS and Metallica have played concerts with a full symphony as a backing band and both were made of AWESOME. Since everybody has probably already heard examples of both those concerts, I’ll have to use something else as an example, how about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (what a weird name for a band based out of New York, eh)?

This “orchestra” takes many classical songs and layers epic guitar parts over the top. Hell they even do Christmas carols normally sung in churches, but they sound just epic being played this way. However, I doubt many church goers would appreciate the likes of me air-guitaring to this stuff in the middle of a service.

I can’t find a decent enough video of the group, so you’ll have to make do with the crazy people that synchronize Christmas lights to this stuff.

Anyway, that is just a few examples of the love I have for classical music which is a sadly overlooked genre these days. Hope you enjoyed it!

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