The Art Behind Robot Unicorn Attack

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So…Robot Unicorn Attack…yes…hmm.

There are so many messages behind this work of art that it boggles to mind. Take the simple fact of the Unicorn running away. Clearly this is a metaphor for humanity’s constant efforts to escape from a number of factors, from responsibility to trouble to perhaps even life or death itself. That is just a taster of how deep Robot Unicorn Attack is.

Now look at the Unicorn. The fact that it is white shows that every single one of us has something pure inside. Or if you take a different interpretation, the domination of the white man in popular culture. The horn, what does it remind you of? If you thought male genetalia, then you’d be right. The fact that the “horn” is on top of the horses head rather than in the middle or the bottom is clearly a metaphor for man’s dominant position in our world. Do you see any female genitalia despite the ambiguity of the unicorn? No you don’t, because in this piece of art, it is irrelevant. As for the rainbow hair, this could either represent the flamboyant side in every single one of us or could simply be a symbol of our fears of the dangerous types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. The pure sublty of Robot Unicorn Attack lets us make our own interpretations for our own lives. Does that mean that you’d have a different interpretation to mine? No, because you just don’t “get” it and so no one cares about your opinion.

Now then…about the control scheme. The fact that all we can do is make the unicorn jump and dash is clearly a representation of our whole life. We have little control over how our lives will plan out, so all we can do is avoid anything that could harm our lives, which is why the aim of the game is to avoid the stars and walls. The dash is a way of showing that sometimes we try and blast our way through a situation in life and like the game, that can be a life saver or may end in death. As for the scenery, each piece of land represents a different situation and the fact that each piece of land is randomly generated is not an efficient design choice but infact a metaphor for how random and out of control life is. Finally, on that note, the goal of the game is to chase your dreams, and isn’t that the meaning of life itself? In fact, there are so many metaphors in this game that it just blows your mind. Not mine of course, because I “get” it.

Finally there is the theme in the game. For a start, it is clear that this is an indication of how much music plays a part in our lives. However, I’ll admit, even an excellent person like me has been stumped as for the meaning of the music. When analysing the lyrics, I’ve come across a few meanings here and there. For a start, open your eyes is instantly talking to the player, perhaps leading on to telling something about the player’s lives or their part in the world. Come into the open may be a metaphor for coming out of the closet, although then this only makes the meaning more confusing when this game clearly isn’t homoerotic in the slightest. I want to be with you would indicate love, which could relate to the previous lyric but then this still leaves mixed messages. Either way, this art will be remembered in years to come. The Scream, Citizen Kane, Atlas Shrugged and now Robot Unicorn Attack. Finally there is live in harmony, which when looking at the other ly…wait a minute. Oh my! Its just came into my head!

The unicorn farts rainbows!…..yeah I’ve got nothing on that.

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