Ryan Thomason

The Apple iPad Retail Store Invasion Continues

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The Sam’s Club members only retail outlet has announced that they will be selling the iPad and iPhone ‘soon’. No date was given, but you can bet that they will be in before the Holiday season kicks off in November. This is coming fresh off the heels as the parent company of Sam’s Club (Walmart) announced that they will be selling iPads at some stores by Friday, and 2,300 stores by mid November.

These two stores will join Best Buy and Target as the current big chain retailers selling the iPad. Yes, you might rub your eyes at the following numbers, it is estimated 5 million iPads were sold in the quarter that ended in September, which would make it around 8 MILLION units sold since APRIL. I’m actually excited that there are more places to buy an iPad, why? Because I love a good holiday season price war.

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