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The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 #3 – Review

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words dont do comics justice, just pick it up and read it!Before I get into this review in earnest. I have to let it be known that I am a huge fan of the Coheed and Cambria universe including The Amory Wars: The Second Stage Turbine Blade, and every CD the group has put out. There’s a chance that this review might be a bit biased towards me liking the book, but I’ll do my best to make it as approachable to the audience at large.

I started reading the comics when the series was already in the full swing of things, halfway through The Second Stage Turbine Blade. I picked up the first trade and the subsequent comics that came after, but I had no idea until we started our relationship with BOOM! Studios that I had any idea that Claudio Sanchez had released the follow-up series, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.

The events of the first 2 chapters of The Amory Wars are now collected into one massive hard covered tome and will be purchased by yours truly as soon as I can aren’t exactly necessary to following what’s going on in TAW:IKSSE3 but it sure helps. Lucky for you, this is only the 15th comic in the entire run of The Amory Wars so there’s not a whole ton that you’d need to catch up on…and as a bonus each one of these story arcs SSTB and IKSSE have their own soundtrack provided by Coheed & Cambria.

How many other comics do you know have songs that go along with the art that’s in the printed comics.

However, if you’re stubborn and don’t want to read the originals or just want a quick catch up to the story to this point, you can listen to the CD for The Second Stage Turbine Blade or read on to see what you’ve missed up to this point:

  • Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan attempted to destroy the keywork using Claudio Kilgannon’s father who was possessed by the Monstar virus, and failed when most of the Prise sacrificed themselves to fix the damage done by Claudio Kilgannon in Monstar form.
  • Admiral Veilar Crom, Coheed, Cambria, Mariah Antillarea are all dead
  • Claudio Kilgannon is still being pursued by the Onstantine Priests (former Mages), and is also being shadowed by Ambellina (the former Prise) who is sent to protect him.
  • Jesse has escaped the Red Army with the remnants of the Prise and is currently training the newest batch of IRO-bots to help battle said army.
  • I know, if you’re not a fan of the series, you’re completely lost at this point…but have no fear, the writing duo of Claudio Sanchez and Peter David provide a clever recap of what you need to know through Claudio (the character, not the writer) talking to his ex-girlfriend Newo Ikkin’s dog Apollo.

    In this issue of the new series, there are some amazing things that happen. Not only do we get the resolution of the cliffhanger in issue #2 (when the Red Army discovered the hiding spot of the Grail Arbor, Jesse’s spaceship), but we also get to see what happens when General Mayo Deftinwolf attempts to out-strategize Jesse on his home turf…meaning an excellent battle that is covered through most of the comic.

    I won’t spoil too much of this month’s comic, but we get yet another scene featuring Al the Killer who is always good for a laugh, and the introduction of the Jackhammer weapon platform. Also, we get another glimpse of Ambellina this time around as she tails Claudio around Godder Damm and she’s wearing some pretty smokin theigh high boots…I’m just sayin’ if you needed another reason to pick this book up, there’s another.

    I have no doubts that this series will only continue to get better the more I read it, and being a fan of the group…that’s a good thing. Whether it be the inks by Chris Burnham, whose art style takes me back into the days of a youth reading Heavy Metal, or the story being penned by the sci-fi duo of Claudio Sanchez/Peter David, this is one heavy book that I can’t wait to see show up every month.

    Bottom Line: $3.99 / $3.99

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