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The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 #12 – Review

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It might be almost a week after it was released to the public, but with an issue of this magnitude, I’m sure many of you can forgive a fanboy for going a bit emo over the having to bid adieu to his favorite comic series.

That’s right, we’ve now officially closed the door on In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 and have set the stage for Good Apollo: I’m Burning Star IV, so if you already have the graphic novelization of that album, you can now at least go there to continue the story until Aaron and Claudio begin work on the next comic series…which I’m almost certain will be in the works if BOOM! Studios knows what’s good for them.

So, we left off in issue number eleven with House Atlantic rising from its foundations, Ambellina all drugged up, and Al the Killer supposedly being offed. Well, at least we find out that the racist psychopathic with a skull piercing isn’t so easy to kill after all. This issue is all killer with very little in the way of filler. Like all of the issues that have come before, they’re told from Claudio Kilgannon’s point of view as he’s recanting the whole escapade to Apollo, his girlfriend’s (Newo Ikkin’s) dog…that’s just about all you get for slow paced storytelling here, the rest of the whole book is just badass shrinkwrapped in win. It’s just amazing to say the least.

I don’t want to give too much away with the review, but Aaron Kuder has managed to not only make this book his own, but he’s improved on just about every facet of the book that was originally touched by Chris Burnham. The splash page at the beginning of the book has some of the most detailed line work that I’ve ever seen in all my years of comics reading. The return of the Onstantine priests was quite the shock as well as the power that is contained within the Vishual/Crowing combination of forces. There was simply page after page that I couldn’t fly through, I actually found myself savoring each page’s artwork and writing…which is extremely rare for a guy like me.

The writing by Peter David and Claudio Sanchez does exactly what it set out to do, entertain and set up a good save point for us to come back to when Good Apollo Volume I is able to stand on its own legs. The book ends with some of the biggest foreshadowing that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read…though it’s so unfair to leave it at that point guys. I know you both have the stories in your head, but the rest of us consumers need MORE, always more.

STORY: 95%
ART: 99%

Overall, if you’ve been the collector like me and can’t live your life without this series then you would be stupid to not pick this book up at your nearest comic book store. If you’re a fan of the music only and kinda want to get into the other areas that Coheed & Cambria cover in these stories, then by all means, just pick up the trades. I’m glad that the series ended on such an awesome note, but it’s going to be hard adjusting to not getting a new issue every month.

Oh well I guess I’ll just have to survive. I love this comic, hurry and bring on the Good Apollo series.

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