Alan Smithee

The Amory Wars Game in Development

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Children of the fence, there’s not much to show you in the ways of screenshots or anything, but if you’re headed to SDCC next week, make sure you stop by booth #1031 to not only check the game out, but to pick up the latest trade of The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.

Oh and Claudio will be there with Evil Ink Comics and BOOM! Studios to chat and sign stuff.

Back to the game. It’s being developed by Man vs Games for the iOS platform and will be available later this year. I wish I had more detail, but I’m just happy to say that the series that I love is getting it’s own game.

I can only hope that it fares better than the app that was developed for The Traveler. Knowing Claudio and the crew at EIC, they won’t allow anything bad to carry the name of Amory Wars.

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