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The Amatory Murder’s “A Different Frequency” – Review

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I’ll admit it. I don’t usually listen to the kind of music that the Amatory Murder plays. They play a mixture of industrial metal with tinges of alternative and other forms of rock mixed in. The closest comparison that I can make is something like Nine Inch Nails. Where they defy a lot of general classifications and cater to a lot of different audiences.

That being said, I always try to expand the kinds of music that I listen to. Typically, I listen to more standard punk rock fare. Even ones that are not straight up “punk rock” generally have a lot of punk rock leanings. It is always good to get out of your comfort zone and try new and different things. What I really like about the record is that it sticks closer to it’s rock influences rather than the industrial metal side. One of the major reasons why I don’t typically like this style of music is the songs sound alike or the bands don’t have much of an analog. I can safely say that is not the case with Amatory Murder.

What I got was an interesting album that mixes many different music styles and tempos. If you are a fan of hard rocking guitar riffs with heavy vocals this may be the album for you. I was drawn to more of the electronic feel of some of the songs. I enjoyed the mixing of Pianos and Guitar solos to form intricate melodies that guide the listener to interesting places.

My favorite songs on the record were “All About Me”, “Inner Circuits”, “Perverted Views” and “Souvenir of Pain”. These songs I felt were the standouts of the record and I found myself gravitating towards these tracks more than the others. I don’t think your favorite songs will be the same as mine however. Amatory Murder does a great job of appealing to a wide variety of rock fans. Some will like the slower songs, others will like the longer songs. So, onto my bullet list.

– Lots of variety. One of the things I liked most about listening to the record was all the different instruments used throughout. I loved hearing almost 8-bit style keyboards with heavy rocking guitars.
– Hard to describe. The best way I could describe this band to a friend is, if you really love hard rock but would like to hear more experimental tones mixed in. I feel that is the best way to describe them and as someone who doesn’t typically experiment with musical tastes, was a welcome change of pace.
– Driving guitars. I haven’t heard this much driving guitar rock music in a long time. Amatory Murder is perfect for cruising down the highway at night or bellowing through city streets in a game like “Burnout”. In fact, it will probably be my go-to music for this purpose.

– Mix. I had a hard time hearing the vocals in some of the tracks. Sometimes I felt they were too soft and other times too loud. There were a few songs where the vocals came in and jarred the entire vibe of the song. I just think it may have been my settings on my cd player, and hardly a knock against the band proper.
– Similar song structure. Most songs in rock music follow a specific structure. Amatory Murder’s songs almost have the same build up in all of the songs. The ones that did stray a bit from the formula I found to feel like a breath of fresh air on the disc. While typical the structures may be, they did serve the song purpose and I wouldn’t notice it as much if I weren’t listening to the songs back to back.
-Only One Instrumental song. This is where I think the band really shines. I love instrumental hard rock music and I feel it is one department where bands don’t focus that much. My favorite song on the entire album was “A Lost Signal”. It had this nice progressive build up with a great payoff at the end.

Overall, I would say that I think if you are a fan of hard rock or progressive rock you’ll find something to like about Amatory Murder. Fans of industrial music would also probably find a lot to like in Amatory Murder. I would love to see this band live and see how all the musicianship comes together on stage. You can pick up “A Different Frequency” here or you can search the album on iTunes.

A review copy of “A different frequency” was provided to this reviewer. I listened to the record a total of 5 times over the course of 2 weeks to form my review.

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