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The All-Nighter

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tribetwelveWarning, this one is for the insomniacs.

When I started writing The All-Nighter posts back in 2010, the idea of a suited man without a face stalking victims and slowly turning them mad was still relatively in its infancy. Now, it seems like everyone knows of Slenderman, thanks to a popular game last year called Slender: The Eight Pages. Hell, even movie directors are starting to notice the concept as a potential moneymaker.

Tonight on The All-Nighter, I will bring you back to those early days, with Tribe Twelve, another Youtube series that popped up around the time of Marble Hornets and Everyman Hybrid that I wasn’t particularly fair to in its early days. The acting felt hokey, the characters unlikeable, and it seemed to try to hard to piggyback off of other’s Slenderman successes. Boy, was I proven wrong, as Tribe Twelve now has probably one of the deepest storylines in any other in-universe story. Give this one a shot…you won’t leave disappointed (or tired).

The rest of the series can be found on the TribeTwelve Youtube account.

Pleasant dreams!

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