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The Aging Gamer – I Don’t Do Midnight Releases Anymore

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Eh, it's so not worth it anymore. It'll be fun, but damnit I'm gonna enjoy my sleep.

Well, tonight is the night that many of us Final Fantasy fanatics have been waiting a hell of a long time to come, we North American gamers will finally get a chance to play Final Fantasy XIII. This all started this weekend when I got a text message from my local Gamestop notifying me that MY very own copy of the game will be available for pickup at precisely 12:01 AM tomorrow morning.

Here’s the thing, there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna catch me going to Gamestop tonight. This isn’t specifically for FFXIII, but for every game since Halo 3. There’s a part of me that likes the excitement and being the first person around to get the game and having a chance to bullshit with the other gamers waiting in line. But there’s an even bigger part of me that just screams over that little voice within:

“Dude, are you serious? You’re going to fuck up your sleep schedule and potentially ruin your day at work for a game? You’d only get about an hour into it before you’d pass out on the couch. Just take a long lunch tomorrow and pick it up!”

This is the same nagging voice that screams at me when I look at a new game coming out and think that $60 is a fair price. Experience has taught me that rarely are any games worth losing sleep over, and a good 85% of games are for sure NOT worth all of the hype and money we spend on them.

This all may seem a bit hypocritical considering I will be picking up my copy tomorrow…maybe Wednesday…for the full retail amount. But the same experience that makes me sleep in when I can and go to bed at a decent hour, tells me that if any game used to be worth losing sleep over, it was usually from a small company formerly known known as Square Soft and had the words Final and Fantasy somewhere in the title.

Too bad it’s such a crapshoot these days.

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