The Afterman: The Story So Far…

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On July 31st, 2012, an ominous countdown in the shape of a Keywork left the website of Coheed and Cambria, and was replaced by a trailer and announcement. The moment we had all been waiting for was finally coming. The Afterman, a new album from the musical gods that released Year of the Black Rainbow and No World For Tomorrow, was on its way. Especially surprising to me was the fact that it was not one album, but two. A double album, slated to release on October 9th and February 2013. The announcement came alongside a trailer.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Claudio gave further details on the new installments. The October release will be titled The Afterman: Ascension, and the February release, The Afterman: Descension. He spoke about the plot of The Afterman and the writing of the songs.

This record, we didn’t have a label when writing it,” Coheed’s singer-guitarist, Claudio Sanchez, told Rolling Stone. “I started writing a lot of this material two years ago, so it really allowed for time to influence the ideas. In that regard, it reminds me of some of the earlier records.

“This was just allowing my life to seep into the music in the span of two years, which I think is very important in terms of creativity,” he continued. “Because when you go into that mind frame of ‘It’s time to write a record,’ you’re being influenced by that time. Whereas in two years, you change in that span of time.”

Although the band (which also includes guitarist Travis Stever, bassist Zach Cooper and drummer Josh Eppard) has made a pact not to discuss the storyline to The Afterman until after its release, Sanchez was willing to drop a few hints. “It’s still in the Amory Wars mythos. Basically, as a broad stroke, it’s the origin and tale of Sirius Amory, the namesake of the mythology.”

Further storyline clues came to the surface while discussing the album’s lead single and video, “Domino: The Destitute.” “‘Domino’ is a scene in the story where the Afterman explores the energy source, the Keywork,” said Sanchez. “In the Keywork, he finds out it’s not comprised of these kinds of elements – it’s actually almost an afterlife. And your energy in life echoes in death. So, if you’re a horrible human being in life, your energy as part of the Keywork is horrible.”

On August 22nd, the official Coheed website was updated once again to include this image, along with a description of the purchase itself.

The Afterman Hard Cover Book:

78 pages of song-by-song story, lyrics and artwork experience in hardcover, written by Claudio Sanchez
Cover art by Heidi Taillefer. Interior art by Nathan Spoor
Cover of the box contains metal Ascension/Descension crest


The Afterman: Ascension CD (Album 1)
The Afterman: Descension CDR* (Album 2)
The Afterman: Ascension (Demos + Unreleased Music) CD – (Deluxe Exclusive)
The Afterman: Descension (Demos + Unreleased Music) CDR*- (Deluxe Exclusive)
*(CDR’s for Album 2 will be printed with full artwork. Download of music delivered on release day for you to burn onto disc.)

Sirius Amory’s “Amory Award”

Metal Medallion and Certificate with display book – (Deluxe Exclusive)

Coheed “On the Road” Documentary DVD

Nearly two hours of film of Coheed on tour – (Deluxe Exclusive)

VIP Tour Laminate

Early Entry at all shows that Coheed is headlining (Ticket not included) – (Deluxe Exclusive)

Digital Download of Ascension and Descension

Download both Ascension (Oct. 9) and Descension (Feb 2013) albums on their respective release dates

So, as a birthday present to myself, I bought it. Got my name in the book, and everything. In all honesty, I had my doubts about the album. As excited as I was(incredibly), I maintained a level of worry. Could Coheed live up to the expectations in my head for this next album? Would it be anywhere near Year of the Black Rainbow?

Earlier tonight, the video for the new single, Domino the Destitute, dropped. It was put up for download on the ‘Transmissions’ page from my order.Needless to say, my doubts were for nothing. Coheed and Cambria has not lived up to, but far exceeded its previous songs. Domino gave me chills like I haven’t experienced since The Broken was released. All doubt in my mind is completely erased, and replaced only with anticipation. Check it out.

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