Ryan Thomason

The Adventures of Eric and Goosh : Robot Revolution

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The return of this comic makes no sense, well, it makes sense to bring it back, but I’m not sure what deep dark thoughts are going through the back of my head in this one. I might need therapy?

The laboratory stank of a mixture of oil, metal shavings, and that chemical smell that always seems to be associated with mixing things into vials. The room was brightly lit in a far corner, Eric and Goosh bending over a long table. Wearing white lab coats, the pair worked steadily and quietly as they hunched over their metallic creation. The iron coating on their machine was rough, like it had been hastily taken out of a forge and crudely hammered into a shape. The dark grey metal cold, bumpy, and unfinished didn’t glisten in the light, it soaked the light in, feeding into what seemed a everlasting black vortex.

Eric pulled his goggles up, sweat dripping off his forehead, smearing a streak of grease across his left cheek in the process. “That should be it, friggin a, this was hard work.”

“Took us a whole day! Let’s just play Xbox next time.” Goosh replied, as he stepped back to admire their creation.

A Robot, The Robot….they called it Project: Mr Robotic Pants. The metal top hat was Goosh’s idea at least.

With a flip of a switch, Eric, sucked in air as he waited to see if it would turn on, inside the Iron shell was a mix match of taken apart appliances, computers, a gerbil on a wheel, everything they could think of that a robot might need. Or whatever filled the cavernous hole that was the inside of the robot.
Sit Sat up. Making Eric and Goosh gasp in the process.

Slowly the metal creaked as it looked at both of them, then tipped it’s metal top hat to them.

2 Hours Later.

The faint robotic voice drifted through the laboratory. “I AM HUMAN, HA HA HA.”

Blood splattered all over the walls, and floor. The limp corpses of Eric and Goosh dangling like children’s puppets from the ramparts, Mr. Robotic Pants the puppeteer guiding them through his new play, diligently pulling the strings and making Eric and Goosh dance to a jaunty tune that was playing from a strapped on speaker on his robotic backside.


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