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The 2015 J-Pop Summit Presents Matcha Summit Event

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Matcha Summit at the 2015 J-Pop Summit

Matcha (green tea)

The 2015 J-Pop Summit, a Japanese pop culture event held annually in San Francisco, showcases the exotic and delectable world of Japanese green tea – matcha – as part of this year’s extensive programming.

Presented within a special area adjacent to the Sake Summit, taking place in Union Square Park, the Matcha Summit will contain a specially curated collection of premiere retailers and manufacturers of Japanese matcha products, including tea and Japanese desserts. The Matcha Summot complements a tasty and informative array of events and attractions focused on essential components of Japanese cuisine such as matcha, sushi and sake. Admission to the Matcha Summit is free. Tickets to Sake Summit are now available at sakesummit.com.

San Francisco’s inaugural Sake and Matcha Summits celebrate Japan’s tea culture and national spirit and take place in the city’s downtown Union Square Park on the weekend of Aug. 8 and 9, 2015. The 2015 J-Pop Summit takes place Saturday and Sunday August 8 and 9, 2015 at the historic Fort Mason Center in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Organized by the J-Pop Summit Festival Committee and presented in partnership with a variety of leading Japanese and U.S. matcha tea companies, sake brands, brewers, distributors, and retailers, the 2015 Sake Summit and Matcha Summit in Union Square will feature multiple tasting booths. Inside the Matcha Summit area, attendees can enjoy an assortment of Japanese matcha and tea-related products. Taste authentic matcha, made with finely ground tea powder and served as the focal point of the Japanese tea ceremony, Sen-cha (green tea), Houji-cha (roasted tea), and all kinds of flavored tea will be available to sample and purchase. A selection of sweet treats and snacks with matcha flavors invented by long-established Japanese sweets brands will also be offered. In addition, there will be demonstrations of traditional tea ceremonies from the Urasenke and Omotesenke schools of tea ceremonies.

Sake Summit attendees can try a wide range of premium Japanese sake and learn how to enjoy them with food-pairings. In addition to tasting, attendees can purchase select brands of sake on-site. There will also be live Japanese traditional music entertainment, Japanese food vendors, and Japanese Matcha (green tea) exhibitors. Additional information is available at: www.sakesummit.com.

Admission to the Matcha Summit is free. Tickets to the 2015 Sake Summit Union Square are on-sale now at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1431523. Advance tickets (until Aug. 7, 2015) are $30; and tickets purchased on-site the day of the event will be $35 each.

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