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The 2011 Magic Online Community Cup – Nominations Open.

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But you have to hurry, nominations end tomorrow.

From the Wizards site:

Please email us (using the “Ask a Question” tab) your Community Cup player recommendations by May 4, 2011 and use the following subject line: Community Cup Player Suggestion. When nominating someone for the Community Team, make sure that you let us know WHY this person deserves to represent the MTGO community in the Community Cup. Please use the following format for your suggestions:

Person Nominated: Nominated person’s forum name, MTGO user name, and/or first name and last initial (unless they are already a public figure)
Why: A summary of the nominated players complete awesomeness, preferably with examples or links
Your MTGO User Name: So you can reap the Community Cup rewards in the unlikely event the Community Team wins
When recommending potential players, keep the following thoughts in mind:

What are this person’s contributions to Magic Online while in the game? Tirelessly running PRE events in the casual room, creating and sustain casual formats, and helping new players get started are all things that fall into this category.
What is his or her contribution to the Magic Online community outside of the game? Constant conversation in the forums, answering questions, and/or being proactive in the community has all helped previous players get selected.
What does this person do to help raise awareness for Magic Online? Game play articles on non-digital sites, draft videos, and Tweets about MTGO are all fine ways to expand public awareness about Magic Online.
How well will this person represent the community at the event? Are they a good sport or a win at all costs type. Do they advocate for the players as a whole? How gracefully will they handle losing?

This is an event that Wizards likes to do with the MTGO community. They bring nominated players out to Renton WA and do a lot of fun and interesting formats and if the community wins (like we did last year) then everyone on MTGO who is following it gets an awesome prize (last year we got the Momir Vig avatar, needed to play a variant format on MTGO).

If you would like to nominate someone, my MTGO user name is Urzishra14. Personally, here is my reason on why I should be nominated (should you choose to nominate me).

1. I’m the typical MTGO player. I draft. I play constructed. I play commander. I play casual. I feel players like me are under-represented when it comes to events like this. I am the most average player of Magic. I follow the game closer than others, yes, but I promote the game everywhere I am.

2. As with “under represented” I also feel that the multiplayer casual player doesn’t get enough credit. Most of my games of Magic have at least 4 to 6 players in them. Most of my games online feature the same.

3. As for the questions at hand. “What are my contributions to Magic Online?” I promote Magic Online here, as well as in my daily life. I’m an outspoken member of the community and I’ve been involved in the official Magic Online web forum community for over 4 years now. I’m also a very active member at MTGSalvation where I also promote the game daily. I care a lot about the health of the game and want nothing more than more players playing Magic then there were previously. I am an Ambassador to the community, the game, and the online version of the game.

4. I’ve been proactive in promoting as well as raising awareness of Magic Online through most of my work here at WatchPlayRead and at PureMTGO.

5. I feel I would represent most average Magic and Magic Online players. I’m not a pro. I don’t “go infinite”. I look to have fun and look to represent the community that I feel is great. I don’t get angry when I lose and I take everything as a learning experience. I feel socially as well as professionally I can represent the community very well.

You’ll need to email Wizards from the official website if you want to nominate me (or anyone else you feel is worthy). And you can find that link here.

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