The 2008 Elections in Two Minutes

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So here at MWN, we have a very wide range of political views.  We have the right-wing conservatives, we have the liberal fascists, the socialists, the libertarians and even a couple of monarchists.  So needless to say we have discussed this election and its candidates many times over.  But of course none of us can agree on who is right.

Well my friends, that day is over.  Today, we have uncovered an incredible diamond amongst the junk of youtube political videos that sums up the entire election process and the different candidates as well as the farce that is our political system.  Don’t believe me?  Guess you’ll just have to click on the link to find out.

For your viewing pleasure, I would like to present to you, “Time for Some Campaignin’”. Enjoy.

The best part, or worst depending on your views, is how truthful this video is. As soon as it becomes clear that McCain and Obama are going to be the candidates all the people that couldn’t stand them now supports them.

I think the best part is when they talk about the ritual of presidential elections. It really just sums up beautifully that just about everything coming out of their mouths in this entire campaign, is lies.

Anyways, I thought it was great and if you liked that one, head over to JibJab to see the last election video as well as some other funny ones.

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