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That’s Cat Woman… wait… That’s Cat Woman?

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Another somewhat disappointing display of costumed prowess, pictures of Anne Hathaway dressed in Cat Woman garb, and driving the ‘bat pod’ surfaced on the web today.

Erg. Don’t really know what to say about this, but there are a few things wrong. I knew deep down that Nolan would prefer to display a ‘realistic’ Cat Woman (aka Selina Kyle), but I didn’t realize that she would be the cat in name only. Based off of what I see here, the closest that Hathaway comes to ‘Cat’ is a cat suit. (read, women’s underwear)

And maybe night vision goggles.

But seriously, wouldn’t she be better called something like ‘night vision girl’ if her costume and character’s primary attribute is the goggles?

The other interesting thing to note, is the batpod. The two wheel remnent of the Tumbler that was left after Batman’s Batmobile was destroyed in the second film, Dark Knight.

But memory tells me that this was destroyed in a fireball. So does that mean that Kyle resurrected the pod from the wreckage? Or did Bruce Wayne build the pod for her? Or did she steal the designs from Wayne Enterprises?

The third seems like the only option that might fit with the character.





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