That Hellbound Train #3 Mini-Review

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First off, there must have been a whole lot of stuff happening in the first two issues of this series because this one totally threw me for a loop. Basically putting it, man cheats on wife, man gets caught cheating on wife, man loses everything, man ends up nearly dead and on the train to Hell for more torment, man uses magic watch to skip Hell and go straight to…I don’t know where. Not sure where this book is going or how it got here. That’s the negative side. On the positive the intrigue between the train conductor and the “other woman” gave the story a little more depth and the cliffhanger of an ending certainly makes one wonder what will happen next.

Those were my initial thoughts not being familiar with the source material. However, after a little digging into the original 1958 Robert Bloch short story of the same name the comic starts to make a lot more sense. Fans of the original will likely enjoy the comic adaptation with its variations on the original theme. If you are like me and not familiar with the story it’s unlikely that a three issue “deal with the devil” short story adaptation will be that attractive.


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