TGS Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer Is Pretty Korny

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What did we do to deserve Akira Yamaoka’s talent being replaced by…Korn.

I gotta say, this trailer does not fill me with hope in the slightest for this game. Even getting over the fact that Korn is being used in a trailer for a series famous for its ambient creepy atmosphere, this looks like a Linkin Park listening 13 year old’s (or Paul WS Anderson’s) idea of what a Silent Hill game should be. There’s taking liberties with the established universe and then there’s making a game that looks nothing like Silent Hill. Sure you have the occasional grotesque looking monster and there’s yet another kid running around unattended to but in between that you’ve got cliche prison scenes, bland characters and DAYLIGHT (in a Silent Hill game). Still, I’ll be playing the game at Eurogamer next week so I can only hope this is just a badly cut trailer. The more we find out about this new entry though, the smaller that hope becomes.

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