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Tesla Makes Profit for First Time in a Decade

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Tesla-Motors-Inc1Starting a car company from the ground level is some expensive work.

For the last 9 years Tesla Motors has been building up for this day, the day that they turn a profit. It might be a small report of $11.2 million, but it’s still PROFIT, which for those that don’t know the textbook definition means that they made more than they spent, AKA raking in the moolah.

Considering they have spent nearly half a billion dollars in start-up costs and loans, any money you can squirrel away after paying the bills and overhead is always a welcome thing.

This is only from a report on the Q1 report from the company, it’s going to be interesting how much these guys make after their other models hit the market and in the hearts and minds of their loving public.

I will be honestly interested in picking one up myself if they ever get the sub-30k market invaded.


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