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Terry Gilliam’s Next Movie Revealed

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Most of us movie geeks here at WPR are huge Terry Gilliam fans. It’s not only the fact that he was a pivotal member of Monty Python, but that he’s a brilliant filmmaker as well. One only needs to see Brazil or Time Bandits to agree.

Those are two off of an amazing career to list. There was also the recent Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus that I fucking adored, yet not many people raved about. Well, I hope that changes for Gilliam and his padawan Tim Ollive with their next film…1884 Yesterday’s Future.

The story is a telling of a Victorian steam-punk future through the eyes of someone in the year 1848 thinking of what it would be like in 1884 (for those that can’t make the connection between George Orwell’s 1984 being written in 1948, here you go, you’re connected). It will be using puppets that have the actors and actresses lips and eyes CG superimposed on the puppet’s body…much like how the guy at Annoying Orange does with produce. I watched the whole trailer and I’m stoked to see where Gilliam takes this one. I can only hope he makes enough money off of it to finish filming the Don Quixote movie he’s been making for years.

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