Ryan Wilson

Terraria Comes to Steam…on MONDAY

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Well, that was pretty damn quick.

When I first reported Terraria, an upcoming 2D action-RPG with crafting elements, it was slapped with a “coming soon”. Surely something this ambitious was still at least a year from the general public?

How wrong I was.

Terraria production assistant Jeremy Guerrette revealed, via Twitter, that the game will be arriving on Steam this Monday (May 16th) if everything goes smoothly. Don’t look for it on Steam right now though, it’s not currently listed in the “Coming Soon” section (which seems to be common with independent titles). Additional chatroom and forum spelunking revealed that the game will cost $9.99 and will be a Windows only release (the XNA framework that the game is built on does not support Mac or Linux).

I can’t wait to finally play this game. The grappling hook alone looks like it’s worth the price of admission.

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