Ten Bad-Ass Movie Villains You Forgot About

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 What I want to do here is celebrate some of the less known bad-asses of the screen. I know that if I just went by the straight villain category, that my list would be filled with tons of those that everyone already knows on principal. Yes, some of these most deserving and unique villains on this list would end up buried in the list sadly amongst horror and comic book villains. Do I need to reiterate how much we love Darth Vader? Not really. That is why I have chosen to exclude the usual suspects here. You won’t see the Freddys, Chuckys, Pinheads, Michaels or Jasons. There are no comic book villains here. The Batman villains alone would have overtaken this list. That’s one for another day in itself. I cut out the Star Wars guys, the comic book villains and the usual horror antiheroes so that we can focus on some of the more unsung heroes (ahem, villains) of the movie world. These guys are some of the more unique and bad-ass villains of all time in my book. They are also every bit deserving of the same recognition of the more household names in the villain world. Enjoy!




This one may surprise some people. In fact, I’m sure that many out there may not even be instantly familiar with this one. Marked For Death is my favorite of all the Steven Seagal films and it has a lot to do with this guy. The plot itself is a lot of fun, centering around voodoo and Haitian gangs. The gang’s leader Screwface is by far one of the most memorable and awesome villains as well. So named because of the weird things on his face (are they screws? Hell if I know), he proves to be a very dangerous guy here. Many times, he takes matters into his own hands and does the dirty work on his own. There’s even times when he takes out the members of his own gang, just because. The coolest thing about Screwface though is the voodoo mysticism. He is said to have four eyes and two heads that need to be destroyed in order to kill him. There’s quite a cool little hidden secret that he uses to his advantage to get the people to believe that story, making him quite ahem, hard to kill. This guy is definitely one of the more underrated villains out there.



How do you make one of the most sadistic, murderous crime lords of all time even worse? Pump him full of top secret codes and information, martial arts skills, inventive ways to kill people and more as part of his rehab and you could have a problem on your hands. Meh, it’s the futures problem. Wesley Snipes went all out in his role of Simon Phoenix and proved to be off the wall bonkers here. He also proved that he could play a damn good villain. Simon Phoenix is not only a bad-ass villain, he also manages to be hilariously entertaining at the same time, spouting out some great one liners while he’s kicking ass.




Christopher Lloyd truly is a man of 1,000 faces. His part here as the dark, evil Judge Doom just proves how easily he can slip into some of these far out roles. This is one of those classic villain looks where you just know he’s a bad guy by taking a look at him. He’s a real no nonsense arm of the law and is always accompanied by his gang of ‘toon’ weasels (themselves all quite the characters). He really has it out for Roger Rabbit and has even concocted his own way of putting toons down-the dreaded dip. Everyone in this movie seems to fear him and for good reason. He also seems to take a certain sick glee in dispensing his justice. It’s only when we see his true form near the end that we truly begin to understand just how insane and dangerous this guy really is.


mr han


Mr. Han seems like the perfect host. I mean, there’s all you can eat, all you can drink, and all the women you can possibly want delivered right to your door. All that he asks in return is that you entertain him by fighting in a martial arts tournament…sometimes to the death. He seems like a nice guy, right? Obviously, there is much more than meets the eye with him. His island palace is more like a fortress with his own army being trained on site. He is also into some major criminal activities on the side. if you get in his way, he turns out not to be such a nice guy, either beating you with an iron fist (literally) or using a variety of claw and blade weapons in place of his missing hand. He seems like a James Bond villain all around and is one of the more eccentric and dangerous on the list.





When it comes to being a top notch villain, it never hurts to have some major backing on your side. Well, it doesn’t get much bigger or more evil than having Satan himself on your side as “Numpsie” has! Sardo is by far the most pure evil villain on this list. It’s sad how many people seem to forget about him though. Charles Dance pulled off an amazing performance here and made Sardo one of the more memorable and formidible adversaries of the 80s. He uses the powers of the darkside much to his advantage throughout, even having the power to teleport, shapeshift. He even shows his true form at the end: that of a huge winged demon! It doesn’t get much more bad-ass than that! Of course, Eddie Murphy isn’t scared of the darkside and proves to be quite the pain in the ass for this master of evil.



This cult leader won’t just kill you, he’ll rip your damn heart out! Either that or he and his henchmen will force you to drink blood from a skull, turning you into a mindless follower of the cult. Mola Ram is one twisted bastard for sure. As leader of the revived ancient Thugee cult (once a real and twisted thing. Look it up! Know your history!) in India, he has some high plans for he and his followers. It almost seems as if world domination is in his mind in the long run. First things first though: kidnap all of the kids, make them slave in his mines and then kill them when they have no use. Throw in some human sacrifice, voodoo like possession and more and this guy is definitely one of the most intersting on the list.




Let’s face it, Lee Ermey has always been a terrifying guy. His performance as the sadistic Drill Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket set the bar pretty high in the movie asshole department and let it be known that he is one of the more intimidating character actors of our time. In the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he goes a step further and is just downright scary as the sheriff. In fact, he proves to be just as bad or possibly even worse than his kin Leatherface. He has his own warped view of the law and is always up to enact his own brand of sick country justice on outsiders. There’s a scene with a standoff in a van that ranks up there as one of the more tense movie scenes in recent history that has to be seen. It’s truly edge of your seat stuff. I guarantee that you will be hoping for the death of this psycho the whole movie. In the follow-up prequel released three years later, the shocking details of his origin and rise to sheriff level make him an even more detestable character. This guy is definitely a cop you don’t ever want to get pulled over by. Chances are, you’ll never be seen again.



This guy is the true epitome of a psychopath. He doesn’t get a certain joy out of killing. In fact, he doesn’t really show any emotion at all. Anton is perhaps the coldest, most unflinching killer on the list. The fact that this hitman goes about it so calmly and deadpan makes him even scarier. The only thing scarier than his cold personality is his weapon of choice- an air compressed bolt gun used for killing cattle. Mainly it’s just business to him, as killing is just another job. However, he also proves time and time again that he’ll just kill anyone in his path. It seems like anything will set him off as well, such as if he hears something he doesn’t like in casual conversation. Anton is simply an unstoppable killing machine, much like The Terminator, who won’t stop until you’re dead. You do have a chance to survive this guy though…that is if luck is on your side in a coin flip. Add in the fact that Javier Bardem won an oscar for his portrayal of Chiguhr and it makes this one of the more unforgettable villains around.



From the first time I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark at a young age, I was hooked. This still ranks as my favorite movie of all time. The beginning alone is perhaps the most memorable and awesome of all time. I can honestly say that I have seen it over 100 times over the years and it never gets old! One of the best things about it is the awesome villians as well. While I loved the central villain Belloq and he proved more than a worthy opponent for Indy, the one that really stood out was Major Arnold Toht, a gestapo agent for the SS. He’s the one that the Nazis use when they want a dirty job done or want information fast. Without a doubt, anytime he was on the screen he stole the show. You just couldn’t look away. He has the most unique look and always exhudes an aura of menace when he’s around. There’s something about the guy that’s just creepy. From his cold unflinching demeanor to his penchant for using various torture methods, he was one that even his own people seemed to fear. He also had one hell of a sick sense of humor, giggling at some really inappropriate times. Just what was going through this psycho’s head? On top of everything else, he also has one of the most bad-ass and memorable deaths in movie history. Who can forget that melting face? This one is a winner all around and one of the most unique villains ever. I was even debating having this as my number one pick!



I imagine it would take a lot to disturb the members of the feared Japanese Yakuza gang. It would have to be somebody pretty messed up to make that type of impression. Well, Kakihara just happens to be that guy. As a leader of his own faction, Kakihara is so out of control and so insane that even the other members of the gang want nothing to do with him! He uses various torture methods for interrogation and intimidation including hanging with hooks, pouring boiling oil on others, human shish-ka-bob and even ripping body parts off with his bare hands! His look is even more intimidating. I guarantee his look inspired The Joker on The Dark Knight. In this case though, Kakihara keeps his “Glasgow Grin” open and held with pins so that he can add a little something extra to his bite! It’s insane! Watch for the BDSM scene where a woman is punching him in the face for fun and he keeps telling her to hit harder as proof of just how sadistic the guy is. Want more proof? He also cuts out his own tongue at one point. Now if that’s not insane, I don’t know what the hell is! Ichi The Killer is a weird movie for sure, but also one of the best Japanese films around. The fact that it has this ultra bad-ass villain in it just makes it all the better. Kakihara is well deserving of the number one spot.

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