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Telltale’s Jurassic Park – Video

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For a good chunk of time around 1993, you would have spotted me walking into school with all sorts of Jurassic Park merchandising. I had t-shirts, cups from Taco Bell, playing cards, collector cards, hats, and all sorts of other finery that is now completely worthless.

I’m convinced that was easily one of the best things that came out in my childhood, it’s just too bad they had to make shitty sequels. Well thankfully the guys at Telltale Games have good news for purists like me, they’re making a point and click adventure which will play much like their other games…or in other words, perfectly episodic.

We’ve included the video of the game in question above and are really excited to finally see the thing in action. It’ll be available this fall on PC, PS3, Mac, and Xbox 360.

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