Telltale developing metric fuckton of content

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Oh, you thought they were just working on Back To The Future and Jurassic Park?Well first things first, Jurassic Park has now been fully revealed and will be receiving a release in April. It’ll be another 5 episode series and you can preorder it for $29.99 over at the website. Secondly, the Walking Dead episodic series that Telltale have been rumoured to be working on was confirmed. They have a contract with the series’ creator Robert Kirkman and the first episode will be released in late 2011. The games will be based on the comics rather than the recent TV series. Thirdly, Telltale are working on a series based on the comic book Fables, about fairy tale characters living in the real world.

They’re working on even more as a Puzzle Agent sequel has been announced and they have also made a deal with Activision to reboot some of Sierra’s adventure game franchises, starting with King’s Quest. Sorry for the scant details, but my Internet connection is in the crapper at the moment, but nevertheless, you need to know what’s going on. You can find trailers and such over at Giant Bomb.

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