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Tekken 7 Confirmed By Katsuhiro Harada

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i'm wearin mah hood, you can't see me!

If that name is just a random string of Japanese characters and is completely unpronouncable to you, then you should probably stop reading now…because any game who’s worth his salt knows that Harada-san is the creator of all of the Tekken series to date.

In a recent keynote speech that was given at the European Institute of Design in Madrid, Spain, he spoke about the challenges of creating a series and maintaining it over a 15 year span, mostly about the skills needed in project management when working with a 100+ person crew…then he dropped that Tekken 7 is currently in production but still under heavy development and in the early stages of production.

So Tekken fans, any predictions on what we should see this time around with the series? I purposely skipped T6…but might actually look forward to this game if it’s going to be an improvement over the last few.


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