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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 9 – “Perishable”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Perishable.”, which aired on August 18!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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Parrish wakes up in his car. He is tied to his steering wheel, and Deputy Haigh is pouring gasoline on the car and then through the window onto Parrish (after Parrish points out he only makes $40K a year and Haigh says he only makes $36 – the Benefactor will pay him $5 million to kill Parrish). He lights the car on fire.

Lydia and Stiles are at the police station trying to figure out if Lydia’s grandmother is actually dead. Before they do much, Parrish shows up covered in soot and naked (*whistles*). He attacks Haigh, and Sherriff Stilinski is shot in the shoulder during the fight.

TeenWolf_Perishable_Parrish burned

Lydia brings Parrish to Derek’s loft, and Derek and Scott attempt to explain that he’s a little bit different, but Derek has no idea what exactly he is.

At the hospital, we get a cute Stilinski family fight over who exactly is meant to take care of whom – both the Sherriff and Stiles think it is their responsibility. But then the Sherriff starts to feel pretty good when the morphine kicks in and he no longer worries.

Everyone is worrying about how many assassins there actually are out there and they realize anyone with access to the dead pool could come after them. At home, Liam’s printer apparently gets possessed and begins to randomly start printing the dead pool, and it looks like a lot of the people have already been crossed off and just our gang remains.

Lydia tells the others about her grandmother: Lorraine, her grandmother, loved another woman named Maddie. One day, Lorraine inexplicably heard a storm but the skies were clear outside. She called Maddie because she’d been planning a boat trip to tell her to be careful. Maddie went anyway and died in a freak storm. Lorraine began to try to learn everything about her ability. Nothing worked until she found Meredith, who was sadly driven insane by the experiments. Lorraine was the one who created the code and left the note for Lydia.

In Derek’s loft, Scott finds the gun that Braeden was training him with. He tells him that his name was the cypher key for the third dead pool. Scott is trying to tell him he’s in danger, but Derek says, “Scott, banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death.” I’m just saying that if Derek dies, people will riot.

At home, Scott counts the money he’s got hidden under his bed. I guess he’s still not sure what to do with it. Liam is seeing the Berserkers everywhere, and it’s obvious he’s struggling.

Stiles and Lydia are trying to figure out the cypher key for the code Lorraine left for her. After trying several names, Stiles gets Lydia to remember that Lorraine used to read The Little Mermaid to her as a child and would call her “Ariel”. The name works, and the list has Lydia’s grandmother’s name on it. Parrish looks up the people on this list and realizes they are all dead. They all committed suicide at Eichen House.

Apparently all the printers in Beacon Hills are being possessed, because more are printing out the dead pool. But this is an updated version. Derek is no longer on the list (does that mean he’s fully human?!) and Liam is now worth $18 million!

At school, there’s a party going on (seriously, Beacon Hills High School must have a budget that’s about 500x more than my high school). Scott is there, and he finds that both Malia and Liam are trying to get drunk; he tells them that it won’t work because of their healing ability.

Lydia and Stiles decide to visit Brunski at Eichen House and try to bribe him into letting them see the files there. Back at the party, it seems that Malia and Liam were successful – they both appear to be drunk. We don’t actually find out though because we switch back to Eichen House.

Someone has written Stiles’ name onto the end of the new dead pool – in Lydia’s handwriting. Brunski comes in and uses his tazer on both Stiles and Lydia. No!!


At the police station, Braeden impersonates a U.S. Marshall to interrogate Haigh. Well, really she just punches him the face, but we’ll say “interrogates.” Parrish also realizes that all of the suicides at Eichen House were reported by Brunski.

Back at the party, Scott realizes that the music is what making the three of them weak, not the drinks.

Brunski makes Lydia listen to the tape of her grandmother’s murder, on which Lorraine tells Brunski not to hurt her granddaughter.

At the party, Scott, Malia, and Liam have been captured by two assassins who douse them in gasoline. Mason saves them by turning off the music, which allows Scott to Alpha out on them. Derek and Braeden show up and help them kick some butt.

Brunski is filling a syringe. We think he’s going to inject Stiles but he shoves it into Lydia’s neck. Parrish shows up and points his gun at Brunski. Brunski starts to say he bets Parrish has never shot his gun before, and Parrish shoots him. That’s what you get, jerk! Lydia begins to explain to Parrish that Brunski was controlling Meredith the whole time, but Brunski is able to gasp out a laugh and say she was controlling him. Lydia realizes Brunski was not the Benefactor.

Meredith comes from around the corner and says, ““No. And… he wasn’t on my list. But he was a bad person.”


I literally yelled out, “WHAT?!” when this happened. I can’t believe it. I was completely and utterly shocked by this revelation. I CANNOT wait to see what happens next!!

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