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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 8 – “Time of Death”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Orphaned.”, which aired on July 21!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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This episode starts off with a sad little Stiles in bed remember how he used to be the little spoon with Malia.

Agent McCall is recording his testimony about how he shot The Chemist to save Stiles. Scott is waiting, and the two discuss how many people Agent McCall has killed. Agent McCall tells Scott that he used to cope with it by drinking. He says he has to leave town and is genuinely upset he’ll miss Scott’s first lacrosse game. Agent McCall tells him that he’ll make up for it when he gets back; he also wants Scott to tell him whatever Scott’s been keeping from him.

Stiles, Liam, and Kira set up three laptops to draw out the Benefactor; they have a strange plan. Cut to the hospital. Liam’s dad runs into a room and tries to resuscitate someone; we do not see who it is until he calls the time of death. He tells them to call Melissa McCall; Scott is dead.


Back in Derek’s loft, Braeden wakes up in his bed; Derek has given her his bed and is sleeping on the couch. She goes over to check on his wound, and he wakes up. He says he’s fine, but he can no longer change the color of his eyes.

Next we see Mama McCall screaming for Scott. It was horrifying (Melissa Ponzio is an amazing actress). Flashback: Kira shocks Scott with her powers to make Scott look dead. In the present, Mama McCall shows up in the morgue where the others are around Scott’s body. She’s in on the plan.

Chris Argent and Stiles contact the Benefactor to tell him that Scott is dead. They are attempting to draw him out as he (I use he here for convenience) requires visual confirmation. Chris breaks into the security system to monitor the hospital and the morgue to see who goes to see Scott’s body. At Derek’s loft, Braeden says she’ll teach Derek to be human.

Scott dreams while in his coma. He finds a new deadpool and uses his name as the code. It’s got the assassins names on it as targets. Liam is there and tells him he’s a predator. Scott struggles to deny this as the Mute kills Liam.

Malia goes down to the Hale vault; she finds a file about her but Peter shows up and says she won’t leave there with it.

Kira, Liam, and Stiles are watching the security cameras on their laptops. The cameras on the roof go out, so Kira and Liam go to check them out. On the roof, they are confronted with Berzerkers. Uh oh. Kate’s there.

Lydia is alone again. She’s at the lake house, and her mom shows up asking why she’s always going up there. Lydia shows her the picture of Meredith at the lake house, and her mom knows her. Wuuut?

Scott has another dream. It’s pretty much the same thing, except Scott notices he has more fangs. Liam says he’s becoming more of a werewolf; Scott says, “Or more of a monster.” Once again Liam is murdered by the Mute.


In the loft, Braeden is teaching Derek how to use a gun. He’s super adorable and completely helpless. Braeden blocks him each time he attempts to pull it on her. Finally, he bends the rules and distracts her with a kiss. We finally get what we’ve all been waiting for ALL season and they make out.

Flashback: Kira and Scott are lying in bed together. They discuss the fact that they haven’t been on a real date yet. They decide to go to the movies after the save Beacon Hills. For like the hundredth time.

Stiles is trying to get a hold of Chris in the morgue. Chris runs into the morgue and tells Stiles to run. Of course he doesn’t and Kate shows up. Everyone of course thinks she’s the Benefactor, but she says she isn’t even though she is there for Scott’s body. She won’t say why and Chris says he’ll kill her. Eventually they let her go.

Back in the vault, Peter and Malia are having their first father/daughter moment. He says he has something to offer her: her mother. He tells Malia that she was known as the desert wolf – a coyote.

Lydia’s mother tells her that her grandmother died at Eichen House – she also heard voices. She wanted Lydia to spread her ashes on the lake when she turned 18. Mrs. Martin tells her that she can go ahead and do it since she’ll be 18 in a few weeks. When Lydia opens the urn, it’s not full of her grandmother’s ashes but rather mountain ash. It turns out the whole house is made of mountain ash!

Scott has one last dream: in this one, the Mute shows him how to use the tomahawk and Scott is the one who kills Liam as his eyes go red. Finally, he wakes up for real in the morgue and he is screaming. Kira kisses him. Liam runs in then to tell them that Kira’s mother is hurt. Mama McCall has her in her arms as she bleeds from a wound in her stomach.


Kate shows up in the sewer again and tells Peter that Scott isn’t dead. Peter seems relieved with this news and says, “Thank God.”

Stiles goes into his room to find that Malia has come back. She is afraid she is like Peter; she says on the day her family died, she said that she wanted them all dead. She says maybe killing runs in her family. She tapes the deadpool on Stile’s board and leaves.

Kira and Scott realize that a banshee is the only one who could get confirmation to know if someone was dead or not without actually seeing them. A banshee must be the Benefactor. Mrs. Martin gives Lydia a note that her grandmother wrote before she died. Lydia asks if she’s sure her grandmother is really dead. The note has the code we’ve already seen.

You guys! Does that mean that Lydia’s grandmother is the Benefactor? I both love and hate that Teen Wolf always leaves me with so many questions at the end of an episode.

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