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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 7 – “Weaponized”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Weaponized.”, which aired on July 28!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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The episode begins with a werewolf trapped by a man in a lab coat. He’s being trapped inside a small tent within a circle of mountain ash. He begins to play a cassette tape that gives instructions on how to kill the people on the deadpool. The voiceover continues and it is the same thing Scott and Stiles hear from the tape they found in the bag from Garrett’s locker.

Scott and Stiles are discussing what to do with the $500,000 they found in the bag. Stiles knows the money is Peter’s, but he doesn’t want to give it back to him. They are trying to figure out what to do when Malia shows up to tell them that Satomi’s pack is dead.

Derek takes Braeden to the hospital (he says she’s been shot). Satomi shows up at the animal clinic and attacks Deaton, but he just says she could’ve called instead of coming up on him like that.


At school, the gang are getting ready to take the PSAT. The man in charge of the test is the man in the lab coat from the beginning of the episode. UH OH. Our friends are in trouble! Coach is supposed to be helping Lydia’s mom monitor the test, but he hasn’t shown up. She finds him passed out in his office and thinks he’s broken his 15 years of sobriety. No, coach! Why?

But after a girl passes out while taking the PSAT, Mrs. Martin realizes something else is up. She sees the girl has a rash on her arm, and after checking Coach (who has the rash on his back), she decides to call the CDC who come and quarantine the school. Sydney, the girl with the rash, freaks out because she can’t get a scholarship to college unless she takes that test. What does it say about our educational system if she’s more worried about a test than potentially dying? Geez.

Satomi brings one of her sick Betas to the clinic. She explains how the disease progressed: starts with fever, uncontrollable shifts, trouble standing, then sudden blindness. After the loss of sight, they died after a few minutes. Deaton says they should take the Beta to the hospital. Satomi says that’s never usually an option, but Deaton says he knows someone who can help.

Melissa McCall steps out of the elevator at the hospital (prompting the hashtag #BAMFMamaMcCall, which is totally fitting). In Braeden’s room, we find out that Satomi’s pack wasn’t poisoned but rather infected with the virus that kills werewolves.

Lydia has already taken the PSAT, so she’s gone back to her lake house with Meredith’s belongings. She tries to use the record player to talk to her but hears nothing. So she apologizes to Meredith and then packs up her stuff. As she does so, she finds a picture of Meredith…at her lake house.


At school, Scott cannot control his shifting so he’s locked himself in the locker room. One of the CDC workers is zapped by Kira when trying to take her blood (by accident). Kira’s dad realizes they’re all sick in one way or another, so the gang decides to hang out in the Hale vault beneath the school. Scott and Stiles trick Malia into opening the vault because she’s a Hale. She wants to know what they’ve been hiding from her first. They’re about to tell her (that she’s Peter’s daughter), but she tells them she already knows she’s on the list. They’re relieved; she’s just happy they all will bring in more money than her, meaning the assassins will take her out last.

In the vault, Scott tells Stiles he wants to tell Malia that Peter is her father. Stiles is worried it’ll make her run. He’s also concerned about what Peter will do if Malia confronts him about it; Peter will manipulate her like he manipulates everyone.

The gang decides that Stiles must leave to keep everyone safe (because he won’t be affected by the virus like the werewolves will).

Satomi’s Beta has died. Deaton opens his skull (ew); he figures out that they’re dealing with a canine distemper that wiped out the wolf population a few years ago. This version of the virus has been weaponized to kill a lot faster. Since it’s the first time they’ve met, Satomi mentions to Derek that she was a longtime friend of Derek’s mother. While they talk about that friendship, Deaton realizes that the tea Satomi used to bring to Derek’s mother (and that she drank a lot of) – reishi tea – kept her from being infected. The tea might be a cure, but the only bit of it left is in the vault. Unfortunately, in the vault, our gang’s symptoms are getting worse – Malia cannot see.

One good thing is that all of the people who are not supernatural are getting better all of a sudden. One bad thing is that our friends are getting much worse. The man over the PSAT holds a gun to Stiles’ head and asks where everyone is hiding. He starts to count to 3, and as he says 2, he is shot in the head and blood sprays on Stiles’ face. It turns out it was Scott’s dad, who was called by Mama McCall. He tells Stiles that the antidote is in the vault.


Stiles runs down to the vault to tell Scott. It doesn’t look like he’s going to get it in time, but he gets the strength to pull himself up to get it off the shelf. He breaks it open and the cure is released.

Malia gets her eyesight back and sees her name on the deadpool (which was in Stile’s coat pocket). She sees her name has been listed as Malia Hale, and she walks out on Stiles.

Poor Stiles. Even though I’m still not 100% sold on Malia, I’m still sad that his heart is broken. This episode was crazy. And awesome.


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