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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 6 “Orphaned”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Orphaned,”which aired on July 21!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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Four weeks ago, Kate woke up in the back seat of her car, disorientated. She found a tape in the radio, which had the words “Play Me” on it. The person on the tape talks about the Hale family and their use of the triskelion in teaching the young werewolves control. The voice on the tape was weirdly professional. Freaked me OUT!


Back at school where the previous episode left off, Garrett is missing but Violet’s been arrested. Agent McCall, after seeing her weapon of choice, realizes they are the serial killers known as The Orphans.

Brett is at Dr. Deaton’s office and is having a reaction to the wolfsbane. Scott and Stiles are attempting to hold him down but he escapes. Peter shows up and knocks him out; he is stronger than before, but Derek appears to be much weaker than usual – it takes him a lot longer to heal from a scratch. Deaton is able to get the wolfsbane out of Brett’s system. As he lays on the floor, we hear him muttering the words, “The sun, the moon, the truth.” Derek realizes this is the motto of Satomi’s pack. Remember her? She’s the werewolf that helped Kira’s mother at the Japanese internment camp during WWII.

While searching Garrett’s locker back at school, Scott finds the money he made after killing Demarco; he doesn’t tell anyone about it. At home, the lights are all out because Melissa is behind on their payments. Scott is entertaining the idea of keeping the money, but you can tell he feels super guilty even considering it.

Liam and Mason are out for a run discussing The Orphans. Liam starts running really fast and leaves Mason behind. Suddenly, he is hit by Garrett’s truck and takes him hostage.

At school, Derek gets Malia’s attention and she leaves class. He tells her he needs help finding Brett’s pack, and they believe they’ve been hiding in the woods.

Stiles and Lydia show Deputy Parrish the deadpool, which he is in. He is pretty confused as to why he’s on it. He is also shocked to learn he’s only worth $5 dollars. Then Stiles explains the number stands for $5,000,000. Parrish says he only makes $40,000 a year and then suggests “maybe I should kill myself.” Don’t do that, Parrish!

Scott meets with Garrett in secret. Garrett wants his money back as well as Violet. Garrett tells him that Scott must hijack the police car that is transferring Violet. We find out that Garrett has trapped Liam in a well and that he poisoned him with wolfsbane. He will only tell Scott where Liam is once Violet is safe.


Lydia and Stiles get Parrish to take them to Eichen House to see Meredith. The guard, Brunski, doesn’t want to let them in, but Parrish blackmails him a little and they get inside. Meredith reveals that the Benefactor doesn’t want her to help them anymore.

Scott and Garrett find the car that was transferring Violet. It has crashed. The berserkers are there and they kill Garrett and knock out Scott. Chris shows up to help Scott, and they realize Kate has Violet. I mean, duh. As this all happens, Liam continues to try to escape the well.

Back at Eichen House, Meredith refuses to give any info. She screams a banshee scream and Lydia’s ears bleed.

In the forest, Derek finds Satomi’s pack is dead and Braeden is dying. In a warehouse, Scott and Chris find Kate and the berserkers and we get an epic fight. Scott finds Violet, but she is already dead. When Kate and Chris go head to head, Kate saves him from the berserkers, and they all leave together. What?!

Liam screams in the well, and Scott hears it and saves him.

Stiles, being the smartest person in our pack, realizes that the last person to act as a cypher key must not be dead yet, but will be. Lydia hones her banshee skills and types in Derek name. The last list reveals both Liam and Meredith’s names. Lydia calls Parrish to get him to protect Meredith but it’s too late: she hanged herself in her room. :(


Scott is tired of everyone in Beacon Hills dying, so he says that he will protect and save everyone on the list. At home, Stiles and Scott decide to count the money; they dump out the bag and find a cassette tape much like the one Kate found at the beginning of the episode. Hmmm.

Peter finds Kate in the sewers. Kate wants to learn to control her new abilities; she can’t get her family back without doing so. Peter says he will teach her, but he wants money and power. We all saw that coming, didn’t we?

Will Scott keep the money? Derek isn’t going to die, right? He can’t. Also, poor Meredith. I really, really liked her.

Get ready for next week’s episode, “Weaponized.” Also, check out the mid-season trailer below!


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