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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 5 – “I.E.D.”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “I.E.D.”, which aired on July 21!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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“I.E.D.” begins with an unknown werewolf girl running through the parking lot at Beacon Hills High. Violet is chasing her and as she gets out her little beheading cord, the girl escapes and is saved by a friendly teen! Okay, not really. It’s Garrett and he stabs her in the chest. Her parents must have forgotten to teach her not to get in cars with strangers.

Scott and Stiles tell Sherriff Stilinski about the deadpool and say they believe the numbers next to each name will add up to the 117 million that was stolen from the Hale family vault.

Violet and Garrett discuss when they’ll be getting their next kill, and Garrett reveals it will be that night. Liam and Mason talk about how sketchy Garrett is and how none of his stories make sense. Mason reveals that the lacrosse game tonight is against Liam’s old school, Davenport Prep. Uh oh. Later, Liam comes across Derek holding his lacrosse stick, which Derek breaks in half. Liam goes nuts, but it turns out it was a test from Scott and Derek and it is not Liam’s stick. Scott’s got his hands full with Liam, but Derek says he’ll be good at training his beta.

Lydia is trying to harness her banshee powers to draw something that will reveal the next key word for the cipher. Malia hovers over her shoulder and we can see how much Lydia doesn’t like her. Eventually Malia suggests they get Meredith as she’s also a banshee.

Coach is teaching but Stiles is going over the crime scene photos. Coach says that Stiles is “profoundly disturbing” which we already knew. I mean, we all watched last season, right? Stiles realizes that the killer is on the lacrosse team, and someone is probably going to die tonight.


Violet and Garrett are in the lab cooking up some wolfsbane. Apparently, the teachers at BHHS don’t care what their kids do. Violet wants to kill the alpha, but Garrett says the beta will suffice. They put the wolfsbane on Garrett’s lacrosse stick.

Davenport Prep arrives and they’re a bunch of jerks, but we get a funny scene in which Stiles is his adorable self. After Liam calms down, he tells Scott and Stiles he was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder after his run in with his old coach’s car. Stiles isn’t happy, but then Liam tells them who paid for the keg at the party (meaning who got Demarco to come so they could kill him).

On the field, Liam and Mason are discussing Davenport Prep’s team captain. Liam believes he can take him, and Mason says Liam can “definitely take him… and then give him to me.” Mason is adorable.

Deputy Parrish finds Meredith walking down the street and brings her to the station because she’s asking for Lydia. Lydia arrives, and Parrish tells the Sherriff he thinks she’s psychic (something weird is going on with Parrish – I can’t wait to see what supernatural ability he has; you know it’s something). Lydia finally coerces Meredith into giving up a few numbers but not a full phone number. Malia tells Lydia to see what they spell on a phone, and the key word is AIDEN (poor Aiden). Parrish’s name is on this list of the deadpool!

The lacrosse game is super intense. Liam breaks a bone when he collides with Brett, the other team’s captain. Scott puts his bone back in place. In the locker room, Brett is crawling on the floor and he’s got glowing eyes! He was the beta Garrett was after! Violet goes after Brett, but Scott barges in and knocks Violet out.


Chris Argent and Derek are discussing Kate. Chris wants to take Kate somewhere, but Derek says he’d rather he didn’t because she stole something from his past. And now Derek is losing his werewolf senses! NOOO! Derek leaves and Chris is surprised to find Araya Calavera there. She reminds Chris of the code: “We hunt those who hunt us.” She gets Chris to repeat it after several tries and that is how the episode ends.

I hope that doesn’t mean Chris has joined the dark side again. Also, I need to know what supernatural creature Parrish is. We better find out next week. Maybe he’s a banshee too or maybe he’s something else entirely! Looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode, “Orphaned.”

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