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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 3 “The Muted”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Muted,” which aired on July 7! Catch up with the season with my Episode 1 and Episode 2 recaps!

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FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

“Muted” starts off like a legit horror movie. A teenage boy goes searching for his pet, a cat named Willow. He doesn’t find her outside so he goes back in the house to tell his family he couldn’t find her. Everyone knows something is wrong because of the ominous music and we can tell Sean, the boy, has a bad feeling. He finds his cat underneath his bed (cue my yelling at the TV that he’s stupid and he shouldn’t be leaning over to look under his bed), but she is covered in blood. After that he hears his family screaming as they are being murdered. A man traps him in the bathroom and tells him to try to fight. He’s got a super creepy electronic voice and as Sean readies himself, he says, “Are you ready? Because here it comes?” *shudders* Sean is smart and escapes through the bathroom window. The murderer steps into the light and we see he has no mouth but rather smooth skin from nose to chin. Creepy.


We see Braeden next with Derek and Peter discussing how much she’d charge to find Kate. Peter thinks she’s charging too much, but Derek says he’ll pay it. Peter gets upset because they’ve been robbed and have no money, so he grabs Derek who spins around and we see his gold eyes again. Derek doesn’t know how his eyes changed color but he’s willing to pay to find out.

Lacrosse is back in a big way. There’s a new student in town named Liam who doesn’t let anything past him when he’s in the goal. He’s definitely going to be giving Scott a run for his money in tryouts, especially when it comes to being captain. Scott and Stiles are also having money problems.

The hospital (yay for Mama McCall being back!) is also having financial problems. As Mama McCall discusses them with the new doctor, Sean shows up covered in blood and traumatized. We also find out that Kira’s parents want to move her back to New York and we still don’t know what’s going on between Kira and Scott though he does accidentally kiss her (it was like a reflex).

Back to horror movie stuff: the man with no mouth stares at a computer screen as he feeds himself through a tube in his neck. Can you say absolutely disgusting?! The computer screen is filled with a bunch of random numbers, letters, and symbols that makes no sense. What is going on?


At lacrosse tryouts, Scott and Stiles go head to head with Liam. They go through half the team but things come to a halt when Scott accidentally injures Liam and they must take him to the hospital. However, Coach throws a ball at Malia (who egged on the boys and Liam to try again) and Kira catches it. Coach wants her to join the team!

Derek gives Braeden a week to find Kate. She realizes he wants her to find Kate because he wants what she stole from him: his true nature that was reflected in his eyes.

Scott and Kira finally get to talk and he apologizes for accidentally kissing her earlier. He leaves but comes right back and says he isn’t sorry at all and kisses her. It’s a completely adorable scene that had me going “Awww. Finally!!”

Horror movie stuff again: Lydia shows up at Sean’s house and Deputy Parrish finds her there (we’ve been told there’s a new banshee in town. Is it Parrish?? He says he has an open mind to weird things like Lydia showing up at murder scenes). Lydia’s powers kick in and they find what appears to be a giant meat locker with dead bodies in plastic bags hanging from the ceiling. Yikes.

Kira uses the for sale sign at her house for katana practice and Stiles helps Malia study. She explains why she uses the different highlighters and it reflects the colors Stiles used to use on his board for figuring out Beacon Hills mysteries. Malia’s been using Lydia’s notes, but Stiles discovers that her notes are the same letters, numbers, and symbols on the no-mouth guy’s computer.

Lydia tells Scott he has to find Sean. Mama McCall finds him in his hospital room eating the officer that was guarding him. Sean attacks Mama McCall but Scott saves her. Unfortunately, Liam is taken by Sean. Scott finds them on the roof and tries to stop Sean. Turns out we have another character based on an actual legend: Sean is a Wendigo. Scott tries to save Liam, but he goes over the side of the roof. He hangs on but Scott has to bite him in order to save him from falling (Sean had his arms). Sean is killed by The Mute (the man with no mouth) who walks away without harming Scott, but turns back to put a finger over where his lips would be and it is so creepy.


The episode ends with Scott looking down at Liam who is screaming in pain from the bite.

I’m sad we only got the Wendigo for one episode. I love how this show uses real legends and myths as the basis for their characters (the Berserkers, the Wendigo, etc.).

Will Liam be a werewolf? Or will he die from the bite? Is The Mute a good guy or what the heck is even happening there? What do you guys think?

Check out the preview for next week’s episode below:



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