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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 3 “The Benefactor”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “The Benefactor,” which aired on July 14!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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“The Benefactor” begins where “Muted” left off: the police, including Sheriff Stilinski, are investigating the crime scene, and Sean’s body rests where it fell at the end of the previous episode. The sheriff tells everyone to leave as he has a “specialist” coming by. Sheriff Stilinski’s “specialist” is Derek, who realizes (using his werewolf senses) that Scott, Sean, and the assassin weren’t the only ones there. Turns out that Scott lied to the police and didn’t reveal that Liam was also there.

This makes sense when we see that Scott has tied Liam up in his bathtub. Stiles tells Scott that he sucks at coming up with plans, so they bring Liam into the bedroom to tell him what’s happening to him. Liam starts to cry (a bunch of crocodile tears) and when Scott cuts Liam loose, he attacks them by whacking Scott with a chair and punching Stiles in the chair. It’s a very intense scene in which they all fight, fall down the stairs, and attack each other, but I was cracking up because Stiles ends up holding onto Scott’s legs thinking they are Liam’s, and Liam gets away. There was a lot of laughing during this episode. Stiles’ plan sucked too.

At Derek’s apartment, the alarm is going off but no one seems to be there. Peter turns it off and is distracted with reading a document when a tomahawk flies through the air into his chest. The Mute steps out and types on a keyboard on his wrist. He says, “Don’t worry, Peter. Derek is next.”


At school, Lydia and Kira are looking over Lydia’s math notes, which they realize look more like a code. However, Lydia has no memory of writing it. Scott and Stiles attempt to talk to Liam again. Scott attempts to deliver the speech that Derek gave him in season 1 when he was turning, but it just ends up being awkward and super funny. Liam says nothing is happening to him and rips off the bandage on his arm, under which there is no evidence of a bite.

The group decides that Kira will use her trickster foxiness to invite Liam to a party at the lake house (where the gang’s been hiding for the full moon). Kira falls down the stairs but manages to look cute doing it. Liam will go with her. She tells him everyone will be there, and he ends up inviting all his freshman friends.

Stiles tells Scott why Liam got kicked out of his last school: he has anger issues and attacked his teacher’s car with a crowbar. Yikes.

Derek heals Peter, who has stripped the keyboard from The Mute’s arm. Derek brings it to the Sheriff’s office, and Parrish says it was military issue but looks to be modified. The Sheriff asks him to show them.

Back at the lake house, Liam has been filled in on everyone’s supernatural abilities: “Werewolf, werecoyote, banshee, fox.” He asks Stiles what he is, to which Stiles replies, “For a little while I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil.” When Liam asks what he is now, Stiles says, “Better?”

Liam and Malia start to change, just as all of Liam’s freshmen friends show up. Lydia is tasked with throwing a party to distract everyone.

At the Sheriff’s station, Parrish finds the IP address from the wrist computer. They start to receive messages from the Benefactor saying that money has been deposited into an account. They realize the Mute is not just a killer, but an assassin.

Liam and Malia are both tied up but struggling to get free. The party starts to rage, and someone’s ordered a keg. The delivery guy is actually a werewolf and he struggles to not transform outside under the full moon. However, once he overcomes the transformation, Garrett’s (one of the freshmen on the lacrosse team) girlfriend, Violet, beheads him. When she gets into the party, Garrett gets a text from the Benefactor that money has been transferred into his account. Wait. WHAT?

Mason (another freshman) helps Lydia when she spills wine on the carpet. He’s super sweet and friendly. I hope he’s not another murderer because I quite like him. When Mason leaves, Lydia realizes the room is soundproof. She’s drawn to the record player, which emits voices when turned on, and faces begin to come out of the wall. It’s super creepy. Do Lydia’s banshee powers run in her family?!


Scott and Kira have an adorable scene together when Scott pulls up some slow music on his phone. However, when Liam breaks out of his bonds, the cuteness ends. He escapes. Malia tries to get out of her bonds too, but Stiles helps her come back to herself by explaining that he knows how she feels because he remembers everything he did as the nogitsune. He says he liked it sometimes and felt powerful and in control, but control is overrated. She comes back to herself then and he lets her out of the bonds.

Derek and Sheriff Stilinski explore the school, and thankfully catch a trap before it explodes. The Mute throws a tomahawk at them, but they dive out of the way. They are able to pin The Mute’s arms down and the Sheriff points his gun at him. As they are about to arrest him, Peter comes in and tears him to pieces.

Scott chases after Liam, who attacks him. Scott is saved from his beta by Chris Argent, who says, “I got your text.” He’s set up a series of emitters that direct Liam to a clearing. Argent tells Scott to use his own words to tell Liam what’s happening to him.

Kira finds Lydia still staring at the wall. Lydia says she’s got the key to the code. At the computer, Lydia uses the keyword “Allison” which translates the code. It turns into a hitlist of all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, and everyone in our gang is on it.

Uh oh! Who’s this mysterious Benefactor? Why does he (or she) want all our friends dead? I loved this episode. It represents exactly why I like Teen Wolf: intense, supernatural drama and action but with a lot of funny, sarcastic dialogue thrown in. So good.

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