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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 2 – “117”

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Episode 2 of Teen Wolf’s Season 4 titled “117” aired this Monday. I’ll be recapping and reviewing it below! Make sure you check out my recap/review of last week’s episode.

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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The episode begins with Baby Derek in a flashback not being able to control his transformation. Peter (who was even fiercer and sassier back in the day, if that’s even possible) tells him to hold onto any kind of object with the triskelion on it while he chants, “Alpha, Beta, Omega.” But his transformation continues and he screams in pain.

Back in the present, Kate is having trouble controlling her were-jaguar transformations. She’s locked herself in a gas station bathroom, and a seriously stupid gas station attendant goes to inspect the bathroom after hearing some groaning noises. I guess he thinks she’s on drugs or something because he unlocks the door…and gets murdered.


Scott, Stiles, and Lydia bring Baby Derek to see Dr. Deaton at the animal clinic. Deaton doesn’t know what the issue is so he tells the gang they should just leave him there until he wakes up, since it’s a school night. Lydia, saying her grades are fine, volunteers to stay with him. We get a cutesy moment in which Stiles does not want Lydia to stay, but she wins. Stydia needs to happen, you guys.

Scott gets home to see his dad sleeping on the couch. It turns out that Scott and Agent McCall have been trying to patch up their relationship and his dad says they were supposed to have dinner. Scott says he had to go straight to the animal clinic after their “camping trip” and when his dad asks if he had anything to eat, Scott says, “Yeah, Mexican.” Cue laughs from viewers.

Back at the animal clinic, Baby Derek’s heart rate is too high and he’s healing alarmingly fast. He wakes up and seems to see Lydia and Deaton through a red haze though they call out to him. He lashes out and claws Deaton’s arm; then he disappears.

We return to school where Stiles is telling Scott about his weird relationship with Malia. Apparently Malia shows up in the middle of the night and curls up with Stiles. Scott asks what happens next and Stiles shows him his lower back which we don’t see, but everyone can guess what’s there. He complains that afterward he ends up being the “little spoon” which is hilarious. I’m pretty sure #littlespoon trended on Twitter after this part. We get a kind-of-awkward-kind-of-cute scene in which Malia doesn’t know the answer to a question in class and has a highlighter in her mouth like a dog bone.


Scott and Stiles return to the animal clinic to find Lydia patching up Deaton. Deaton believes Derek’s mind has regressed as well as his body since he didn’t know them. They realize Derek will go to the Hale House because that’s what he remembers. He does, but finds it burned down. Deputy Parrish and a new deputy, Haigh, show up and after a confrontation in which Haigh is a complete JERK, Derek is tasered and brought to the Sheriff’s station. His fingerprints are run and all that comes up is the Derek Hale we know and love. Sherriff Stilinski comes in and there’s a cute little scene in which he looks back and forth between Baby Derek and the computer screen.

Scott and Stiles show up. In his office Sherriff Stilinski asks if they have been time traveling “because if time traveling is real – I’m done.” Sherriff Stilinski is the best. Eventually he agrees to let Scott and Stiles talk to Baby Derek. They convince Derek to lay low until they figure out what the heck is happening with him.

Next Lydia’s banshee-ness comes out and she and Kira find the gas station attendants’ body all over the walls of the bathroom. Later Malia shows up to talk to Peter with Scott; what follows is a super awkward scene because Malia doesn’t know she’s Peter’s daughter and he doesn’t know how to tell her. Then Peter realizes Kate is still alive and we move on.

Stiles leaves Derek alone for just a minute and Kate steals him away. Kate wants the triskelion because it will help her control her transformations. She convinces Derek to take her to it with a really gross, creepy, icktastic kiss – seriously, it was gross; Twitter exploded with comments after it happened that were all along the lines of “Kate is a pedophile. She needs to die.”

Derek takes her to a vault that is under the school (WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? How did no one know it was there??). Peter, Malia, and Scott are close behind them but are stopped by some scary dudes in masks – Berserkers! Don’t they look super COOL? Peter runs off and gets to the vault. He tells Kate that the disc with the triskelion is only a tool used as a point of focus – it was a cheap trinket made in China.


Outside, Kira shows up to help Scott and Malia but is quickly disarmed. Baby Derek hears Scott roar and runs out to help them. He starts to fight the berserkers and his face starts to flash between his older and younger faces.

While this is happening, Peter explains to Kate that Derek gave up on the triskelion and Peter taught him to use anger, hatred, and rage to focus his mind during the full moon. As he’s explaining, a couple of smoke grenades are thrown down into the fault. Kate is fine, but Peter is partially blinded and can’t get up. A figure in black boots walks into the fault, opens the safe, removes a briefcase and leaves.

The berserkers run off after hearing a loud growl – who we assume is Kate, but maybe not? Derek has become an adult again and now has gold glowing eyes. I’m pretty sure by the time this show ends, Derek will have had eyes of every color of the rainbow.

Lydia and Stiles arrive in the vault and Peter explains that everything that happened in this episode was part of a heist to steal that briefcase. It contained $117 million bearer bonds. WOAH.

That’s a lot of money. It was also a seriously elaborate heist. Also, we know from commercials and press that the figure in black boots was “The Benefactor.” I’m looking forward to finding out more about him. And I seriously love those berserkers. They are awesome. My problem with this episode is we still don’t have any idea how Kate regressed Derek or why (to get into the vault, yes, but she probably could’ve were-jaguared him to get into it) and how did he miraculously change back – anger? The storyline almost seemed pointless though I did enjoy having Baby Derek back for an episode – he’s sassy.

What did you guys think of this episode?

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