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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 11 “A Promise to the Dead”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “A Promise to the Dead,” which aired on September 1st!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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“A Promise to the Dead” begins with us meeting another Wendigo; this one is dragging a woman in a body bag who’s still alive through a meat locker. As he’s about to chow down, Deaton shows up and brings him back to Eichen House.

Apparently there’s been a secret floor in Eichen House full of supernatural creatures that we didn’t know about. After delivering the Wendigo, Deaton asks to talk to a different creature held in Eichen House. Deaton is warned that the last person who visited this man, kept in isolation, never left Eichen House (in other words, he went crazy).

Deaton asks the man about Kate and what she did to Derek. Deaton says he needs to know because he made a promise to a woman he loved (Talia Hale?). The man removes a nasty bandage from around his head, which reveals a hole in his forehead. He beckons Deaton closer and says that he cannot tell him but he can show him. As Deaton moves closer, an eye opens deep inside the hole. Can you say gross?!


Mama McCall has found the money from the deadpool that Scott had hidden under his bed. Melissa says he needs to return it to Derek, but he argues that even one stack of the money could solve all of their problems. She asks what this stack would do: it’s a bloody stack of bills.

Liam cannot stop dreaming about berserkers surrounding him, and he continues to push Mason away each time Mason tries to ask him what’s wrong. Lydia shows up to Derek’s apartment in the middle of the night screaming. She has a bad feeling. Scott returns the money to Derek, who tells him it is all Peter’s. Derek’s money is in his loft: he owns the whole building.

Deaton is dreaming: he’s in La Iglesia on a slab made out of bones. He finds a bone sticking out, so he pulls on it and finds it is covered in blood. The ground begins to shake. Deaton is actually in a bed in Eichen House. The doctor shines a light in his eyes but finds him unresponsive. He says, “They never listen.”

Scott takes Kira to Derek’s loft for their first date. They try to watch Star Wars because Scott has never seen it but they get sidetracked. *wink wink* However, Kate and her berserkers show up. At the same time, Peter and Chris are down in the sewers fighting. Peter pins Chris to the wall with a pipe that he shoves through Chris.

Lydia is freaking out in class because the lesson that Coach has put on the board looks way too similar to the deadpool. Kira tells her that it’s over and no one is dying. Lydia says “not yet.” Stiles finds out that all of his bills from Eichen House have been written off because he was almost murdered by one of their employees.

At the loft, Kate and Scott are fighting while Kira is attempting to take down the berserkers. Kira gets knocked unconscious. Scott asks Kate what she wants, and she explains that the Argent family has been around for hundreds of years, but it less than a year, it’s been taken down by a teenage boy. She wants to know what makes Scott so special. Oh, Kate, so many things.


Liam gets worried when Scott and Kira don’t show up at the lacrosse game. He needs his Alpha especially since he keeps seeing berserkers everywhere.

Parrish shows up and finds Chris because he’s been following Peter ever since the whole thing with Peter sticking his nails into Meredith. He cannot get the bar unbent to free Chris by himself.

Stiles decides to leave the game to try to find Scott and Kira. Malia stays behind in case he shows up there. Liam is seeing berserkers on the field, one of which he sees to skewer Brett of Davenport Prep. Peter shows up and sits next to Malia.

Lydia visits Deaton at Eichen House to talk to him. The doctor says he won’t hear her, but she assures him Deaton will hear.

Peter tells Malia that he has definitely found the Desert Wolf, her mother, but that he wants her to kill Kate Argent first because he can’t do it alone.

Kira wakes up on a pile of bones, alone.

Brett visits Liam after the game to tell him that he is lucky to have Scott as an alpha, because he is a True Alpha, but Liam just asks why he isn’t there.

Parrish gives a rallying speech and Chris is able to find the strength to help Parrish get the bar straight. Parrish’s eyes glow orange as he exerts his strength. When will we find out what he is??


Deaton wakes up and says that Scott and Kira are back in Mexico with Kate. We find out that Kate is the one who has been able to change people into berserkers, because she turns SCOTT into one! Oh my goodness!

This show gives me anxiety. Next week is the season finale, so here’s hoping we finally find out what Parrish is, Scott doesn’t kill any of his friends, Kate finally freaking dies, and they all live happily ever after. Okay, I know that won’t happen because they live in Beacon Hills, but hopefully the first three things happen. Tune in next week on MTV at 10/9c to watch the season 4 finale. You can follow me on Twitter where I’ll be live tweeting my reaction.

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