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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 10 – “Monstrous”

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In which I recap and review the latest episode of Teen Wolf, “Monstrous.”, which aired on August 24!

FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

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“Monstrous” begins with Brett and another girl running away from some assassins. They are surrounded when they make it to the lacrosse field (why does everything in Beacon Hills happen on the school grounds??). The assassins shoot at them with arrows, but Kira arrives to save the day!

Scott and Liam hear what’s happened, but as they start to leave, Liam tells Scott that he’s not like him. He wonders how all of their friends are still alive. Scott says they aren’t and offers to take Liam home.

Stiles is at the hospital with a concussion. Mama McCall won’t let him leave without a CT scan. He resists at first, but eventually concedes, asking her to bring him a cassette player (for the tape that Brunski had with the recording of Lydia’s grandmother’s death).

At the police station, Sherriff Stilinski and Lydia are discussing Meredith’s competency, coming to the conclusion that she must be a criminal mastermind to have orchestrated everything. They realize they must stop not just the deadpool but more importantly, the money.

Scott takes Liam home and meets up with Kira, who has found Satomi’s pack – there are a lot of werewolves! Argent breaks into a warehouse and finds a single stalk of Yellow Wolfsbane. Lydia’s been sleeping at the police station; both the Sherriff and Parrish want her to go get some sleep, but she insists on talking to Meredith herself, reminding them that she’s gotten through to Meredith before.


Mama McCall brings Malia to visit Stiles. They have a super awkward exchange of “I almost died” and after realizing he’s fine, Malia turns to leave. The door’s locked. Malia says Mama McCall is stupid for locking it, but Stiles turns this into a big metaphor about why he didn’t tell her that Peter was her father. Malia finally admits she really likes him and they kiss. The door opens.

Argent finds footprints around where he got the wolfsbane. He follows them to find Satomi’s pack, hidden in the warehouse. Scott is with them and says they had nowhere else to go. Argent realizes the assassins who attacked them were hunters…at least they were before they accepted money.

Stiles and Malia listen to the tape of Lorraine’s death, and after some playing around, they figure out it was actually recorded at the lake house by the record player and not at Eichen House. They realize that while Lorraine did predict all of these deaths, it wasn’t originally meant as a hit list.

Lydia is questioning Meredith, who says she does want to help but first she wants to talk to Peter Hale. Um. What?! When he arrives, Meredith is shocked that he no longer has scars. She seems to know him, but he has no recollection of her. She says she must keep the origin of the hit list a secret, and Peter gets angry and uses his claws to see her memory.

Scott calls Derek – who in turn calls Braeden – to try to figure out a plan in regards to Satomi’s pack. Derek suggests that they should start their own deadpool – with all of the people who try to come after them. The assassins attack the group.

We see into Meredith’s memory: they were both at the hospital at the same time (Peter after the fire at the Hale House and Meredith after being used to figure out the powers Lorraine had). In her bed at the hospital, Meredith heard every thought that was going through Peter’s mind. She was exposed to what were basically the thoughts of a deranged lunatic for weeks or months. Peter was only thinking about the fact that he wanted to kill every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills, basically as a way for the town to start over. He lays out his whole plan to hire assassins (like The Mute and The Chemist) and use the money in the Hale vault to pay them.


At the lake house, Stiles and Malia are listening to the record player, but even after turning it off, Malia can still hear something turning. Stiles finds a cord embedded in the wall and pulls it out of the wall. It reveals the machines that Lorraine had listened to when she came up with the deadpool.

Scott, Derek, Argent, and the rest battle the assassins in the warehouse, while Sherriff Stilinski almost shoots Peter in the head. He doesn’t, and as Peter leaves, Meredith shouts, “It’s not over yet!”

Lydia realizes that the wine that spilled in the lake house wasn’t actually wine. Malia smashes the bottle and they find a key inside that will turn off Lorraine’s machines. Immediately after the machines turning off, the assassins at the warehouse get a text that says all contracts are terminated.

Kate and Peter meet in the sewers again. Peter is getting ready to kill Scott.

Is the deadpool actually over? What did Meredith mean when she said it wasn’t over? Scott isn’t actually going to die, right? RIGHT?!

Tune in with me next week on MTV at 10/9c!

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