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Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 1 – “The Dark Moon

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Season Four of MTV’s Teen Wolf premiered with “The Dark Moon” on Monday! It was an incredible episode, so I’ll be recapping it and reviewing it.

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FAIR WARNING: As it’s a full episode recap, there will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, it will give things away you might not want to know yet.

Season Four starts off with Lydia and Stiles in Mexico. So right away we were all like, “What the heck is going on?!” They arrive at a guarded door, and Stiles holds up a card with a skull on it that gains them access to the…rave?

They try to blend in, but that doesn’t work as they are too tense. A guard finds them at the bar and Lydia drops a bullet with the same skull into a shot. They are taken to Araya in a back room; Araya is the leader of the group of Mexican werewolf hunters, the Calaveras, we met in Season Three when they kidnapped Derek and Peter in search of La Loba (the she-wolf). She’s crazy, yo. The skull is their symbol.


Lydia and Stiles are in search of Derek, who’s missing. Stiles drops $50,000 on the table in exchange for him as they assume it’s the Calaveras who’ve taken him. Stiles tells Araya that she doesn’t want Derek anyway. “Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor. Poor conversationalist.” (It was really great having good ole Stiles back. I love his sarcasm and humor). Araya isn’t up for negotiating, but neither is Stiles. He says that they didn’t come alone.

We see that Malia, Kira, and Scott are in the club. Cue awkward girls-dancing-together scene where Malia and Kira attempt to blend in by dancing with one another (Kira is adorkably awkward at it). Their dancing doesn’t work though, and after a pretty cool fight in which we learn Kira can now use the nunchucks, the guards release wolfsbane gas and capture the trio. It is then that we find out that the Calaveras don’t actually have Derek.

Flashback time: Everyone is together back home while they discuss that Derek is missing. They ask Lydia to use her banshee skills to figure out if he’s alive. She says he’s not dead but she isn’t sure if he’s alive either. Uh oh. What the heck does that mean?

Back to the present with everyone locked up. Malia says that they should just attack everyone and run when the door is opened. She doesn’t care if they leave Lydia. Kira asks if that’s what she would have done as a coyote. “If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season I would eat her. Then I’d leave.” Stiles tells her that that’s not okay; you don’t leave friends. It turns out he’s been teaching her people skills. Later he tries to get her to focus so they can hear what’s happening with the others; she kisses him to focus and is able to help Stiles figure out what happened. Not going to lie: I don’t like them together. I only ship Stiles with Lydia. :/

The Calaveras force Kira to torture Scott (by electrocuting him) until he figures out that Kate is La Loba and she has taken Derek. He has a totally badass Alpha moment in which he breaks free from the bonds (Loved it). Araya lets them go after he makes the connection about Kate. She gives Scott a guide, the mercenary Braeden, to lead him to the place Kate is rumored to be. She doesn’t let him go that easy though: she threatens him that when he creates his own Beta, she’ll come after him.

Scott being electrocuted

The Jeep is hit by something on their way, so while Stiles, Malia, and Kira stay to fix it, Scott and Braeden continue on. Scott and Kira have a super adorable little moment; they obviously still have feelings for one another but they don’t quite know what to do in the wake of Allison’s death. They have a cute hug though and I just want them to be together, okay?

Scott and Braeden arrive at La Iglesia, and she explains that the church was built over the ruins of a temple to the Nagual – werejaguars! Wuuut? Are you kidding? I guess we’re going to get a new shapeshifter each season. I was not expecting this, but I’m definitely excited to see what happens with that. Scott and Braeden go into the labyrinth beneath La Iglesia, and they get chased by some huge, bony, creeptastic creature. Seriously, I actually got chills. It was scary.

At the same time, the rest of the gang are still fixing the Jeep. Something is out there watching them though, and Malia rushes off to chase it. She gets cut, but makes it back to the Jeep. Stiles tells her that he was worried she was running off, but she says that she would never leave without him, which is cute, but I still don’t like her.

Scott uses his awesome Alpha howl to scare off whatever creature was chasing them, and they find Derek. But it’s not the Derek we’re used to. As the rest of the gang turns up, Malia asks, “Is that him? Is that Derek?”

Stiles replies, “Um. Sort of.”

Baby Derek

Yep, that’s Baby Derek (Okay, young Derek. Whatever) who we met previously in a flashback to him as a teenager (when he killed his girlfriend in Season 3, Part 1). Somehow Derek has been turned back into his younger self. How? What? When we saw this, I literally said, “WHAT?” out loud. Several times.

So this was a crazy episode, but seriously amazing. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season, and I CANNOT wait to see what happens with Derek. Jeff Davis (Executive Producer) said that adult Derek will be back soon, but he won’t be the same. Personally, I’m hoping we get both Baby Derek and Adult Derek. That would be awesome.

Check out the trailer for Season Four below, and make sure you watch next week’s episode on Monday at 10/9c!

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