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Teen Wolf: Season 3.2 recap – Alpha powers, trickster spirits and Nogitsune

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Season Four of MTV’s Teen Wolf premieres Monday, June 23 at 10/9c! I’ve already recapped Season One and Season Two. Season Three will be broken up into two parts, 3.1 and 3.2, just as the actual season was aired. Part One is HERE.

FAIR WARNING: There will be spoilers. I repeat, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

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As a result of the super dangerous ritual that saved their parents, Stiles, Scott, and Allison are having some crazy side effects: Allison is hallucinating her dead aunt Kate; Stiles is having terrible nightmares and is unable to tell whether or not he’s awake; Scott has started to see his shadow as that of an Alpha werewolf and is unable to transform due to his fear. Newly enlightened Sheriff Stilinski has reopened an 8-year-old case as he thinks it might actually have been a result of a werewolf; a woman and her two daughters died in a car accident after an attack by coyotes and only the father survived. Scott and Stiles search the scene and come across a coyote whose eyes glow blue; Scott believes it is one of the girls presumed dead: Malia. We also find out that Scott’s dad, an FBI agent, will take over Sheriff Stilinski’s cases.

Scott and his pack track down Malia, the were-coyote. Allison gets over her inability to shoot straight and uses a tranquillizer dart to sedate Malia’s vengeful father while Scott tracks her down. He gets over his performance issues and uses his Alpha powers to transform her back into a human. She is reunited with her father by the Sherrif.

We return to the Nemeton to see three strange figures emerge from a swarm of fireflies released from the tree. William Barrow, an electrical engineer who was a mass murderer, is taken to the hospital for surgery. While under anesthesia, a swarm of flies erupts from his stomach and he rises from the gurney. He escapes the hospital and hides out in the school. He kidnaps Kira (Arden Cho), the new girl, and takes her to a power plant and attempts to electrocute her. Somehow she is able to deflect the electricity which kills him and shuts down the electricity in the whole town. Right after the blackout, five masked, creepy figures attack Isaac.

Kira tells Scott that she is a kitsune (a trickster spirit) and that she emanates a glowing aura that can be seen if you take a picture of her. They sneak into Sheriff Stilinski’s office to erase pictures that Barrow took of her on her cell phone that show this. At Danny and Ethan’s Halloween party, Scott realizes that Kira’s aura resembles a fox. At the party, Allison discovers what looks like a backwards 5 behind Isaac’s ear. Ethan, Lydia, and Aiden are all attacked at the party and marked the same way. While at the party, Stiles discovers a key on his keychain that leads to the room at the school where Barrow hid. On the chalkboard is a message that told Barrow to kill Kira. Stiles’ handwriting matches that of the message.

When Isaac describes these figures to Allison and her dad, it turns out that Chris has a mask exactly like the ones they were wearing. While the kids are at the party, Chris collapses after a pretty brutal attack. When Chris tells them about his time in Japan, we find out that he encountered the hooded figures that have been attacking people. They are called the Oni; he and members of the Japanese yakuza killed the whole gang except their leader who is called Katashi (or Silverfinger after his unusual prosthetic) and is a supernatural creature. Allison, Chris, and Isaac plan to infiltrate his lair. Katashi reveals that the Oni are looking for a dark spirit, an evil kitsune called a nogitsune, and will not harm supernatural creatures that are innocent; but they do mark them with the Japanese kanji for self (the backwards 5). Katashi tells Chris to let them destroy the nogitsune no matter who it possesses.


Stiles is at the hospital because he asked Melissa for help as he’s worried about his sanity. She sedates him so he can sleep. When he wakes up, he is confronted by the Oni who attempt to test him for the nogitsune possession. Before they do, he destroys one of them, but acts as if nothing happened when Scott finds him. Uh oh! No!! Don’t let it be Stiles.

Scott receives a phone call late at night from Stiles. He is trapped in a strange place with his leg in a steel trap. Some freaky figure talks to him in Japanese and asks him riddles. The pack try to find him and Lydia leads them to a mental health center where Barrow was committed, but Stiles isn’t there. Scott’s mother and father find Stiles after they realize he’d been sleepwalking and dreaming all of the creepiness. Allison had received several voicemails in Japanese, which end up being emergency protocols for a Japanese internment camp during WWII, but the camp (Oak Creek) didn’t exist.

Stiles has an MRI to test for the same illness that caused his mother’s death, frontotemporal dementia. During the MRI (which reveals he does have the disease), the mysterious figure reappears and threatens Stiles and his loved ones. This scene was one of the best with Stiles; Dylan O’Brien is fantastic at switching between good Stiles and bad Stiles. We also get a super emotional scene between Stiles and Scott about being scared of the outcome of the MRI. Feels. When it takes off the bandages that are wrapped around its head, it looks exactly like Stiles. Woooaaahhh. What? The nogitsune takes over Stiles’ body completely and confronts the remaining Oni (who are led by Kira’s mother. Again. What?!). The nogitsune has damaged the wires on top of the hospital which swing down and injure several people, including Isaac. Kira uses her powers to subdue it.

We also find out through Lydia’s awesome powers that Peter is in fact a father. To none other than Malia, the were-coyote. Um, excuse me. What the heck is going on? I’m thinking we’ll find out more about this in Season Four.

When Stiles shows up in the school basement, he is himself and saves some people from being killed, but he later knocks Kira unconscious, which means he’s been deceiving Scott all along. Dude, this was a crazy awesome transformation and Dylan O’Brien is such a good actor. Deaton shows up and subdues him with some poisonous plant, but it will only work for a while; Deaton needs a hidden scroll to save Stiles. Stiles decides to check himself into a mental hospital. Here he finds Malia, who he enlists to help him gain access to the basement, but he’s locked in solitary confinement. Malia rescues him and the two have a very intimate moment (or moments) in the basement. They figure out the wall in the basement, on which is carved the kanji for self, is hollow and the nogitsune is behind it. The nogitsune gives Stiles an ultimatum: he must either let the spirit in or watch Malia die. He chooses to let it in and leaves.


Deaton gets the scroll (after a huge werewolf fight and bunch of problems), but it says you must force the nogitsune to change its form to remove it. Stiles must become a werewolf.

Now some crazy: we find out that Kira’s mother is a kitsune (or trickster spirit) and is over 900 years old. During WWII, she was in a Japanese internment camp (yep, Oak Creek, which totally did exist) and fell in love with a medic. After a riot, the young medic is badly burned by a Molotov cocktail thrown by an old Japanese lady who is a werewolf. The young medic dies, and he is thrown in a pile of dead bodies with Noshiko, who was injured (Tamlyn Tomita; Kira’s mother). Noshiko calls upon a nogitsune to poses her so she can have revenge, but it possesses her lover’s body instead. It goes on a killing spree. Noshiko heals and realizes she’s the only one who can destroy the nogitsune. She gets a katana she’s hidden and stabs the nogitsune but the sword shatters, which Kira mends in the present. The nogitsune left Noshiko’s lover’s body in the form of a fly which Noshiko trapped in a glass jar in the roots of the Nemeton; it turns out that with their sacrifice, Scott, Allison, and Stiles may be responsible for reawakening it. I mean, duh.

The nogitsune stabs himself which releases several flies that he sends after the twins, Isaac, and Derek. The flies put them under a spell, so Derek tries to get revenge on Chris, but Chris frees himself and knocks Derek out. The twins and Isaac almost kill each other but are saved by Kira and Allison.

More crazy stuff: Scott and Lydia team up and enter the nogitsune’s mind. After a bunch of crazy obstacles, they find Stiles playing a board game similar to chess with the nogitsune. This was such a cool scene. Using his Alpha roar, Scott is able to get Stiles’ attention and free him from the nogitsune’s control. Back in the real world, Stiles throws up a pile of nasty bandages (like what was around the nogitsune’s head) which turns into a duplicate Stiles. In the confusion of figuring out which was the good Stiles, Lydia is kidnapped.


The creeptastic nogitsune takes Lydia to the internment camp. This results in one of the scariest and most entertaining scenes all season: the nogitsune/Stiles telling Lydia that he feeds on fear and he. is. insatiable. Man, I got chills.

Everyone arrives there, and we find out that Kira’s mother and the Oni are going to kill the nogitsune even if it means they’ll kill Stiles. The nogitsune manages to take over the Oni and makes them face Kira, Allison, and Isaac. Scott and Stiles find Lydia but she wonders why they came when she said not to: someone’s in danger. Allison is able to kill one of the Oni but is stabbed by another. She tells Scott she loves him and dies in his arms. Even though we were warned all season that someone was going to die (and I was pretty sure it was going to be Allison) I was still shocked when this happened. So sad.

But they can’t grieve her for long. The nogitsune is still in possession of the Oni, who take over the hospital, Sherrif’s station, high school, and animal clinic. Derek and the twins are being attacked by them when Isaac and Chris show up. They destroy the Oni with silver arrows that Allison created (she realized they could be poisoned with silver). Sadly, Aiden, one of the twins, is stabbed and dies.

They capture the nogitsune and Scott bites it, like the scroll said. Kira stabs the nogitsune, and the duplicate turns into a fly once again and Isaac traps it in a box made of Nemeton wood. Got you!

Later, Derek starts talking to Stiles about a dream, but it isn’t a dream. We find out that someone can turn from a wolf scratch if it goes deep enough. Bum bum bum. Kate Argent is alive, you guys.

THIS SEASON WAS SO INTENSE!! I loved the mythology, and I am personally very interested in Japanese legends like the Oni, so I was fascinated the whole season. I loved the Oni’s creepy, modernized masks, and the way that the kitsune and spirits were interwoven into the story. Also, Dylan O’Brien, you guys. He is one of the most talented actors I’ve come across. His ability to switch between good ole Stiles and possessed, evil Stiles was fantastic. He was definitely the shining star in the second part of Season Three. In one word: phenomenal.

Evil Stiles

So that’s it. I’ve recapped all three seasons of Teen Wolf so far. Will you be watching the Season Four premiere tonight? Follow me on Twitter and let me know! I’ll be live tweeting my reaction. :)

Watch the Season Four trailer below to get pumped.

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