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Teen Wolf: Season 3.1 recap – Alpha packs and Werewolf Sex

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Season Four of MTV’s Teen Wolf premieres Monday, June 23 at 10/9c! I’ve already recapped Season One and Season Two. Season Three will be broken up into two parts, 3.1 and 3.2, just as the actual season was aired. Also, there’s 24 episodes, and there’s no way I could fit everything that happened in one post.

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FAIR WARNING: There will be spoilers. I repeat, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

At the end of Season Two of Teen Wolf, Boyd and Erica had been captured by the Alpha pack, Jackson was a new kind of werewolf, and Allison and Scott were broken up. Jackson has moved to London by the start of Season Three. Allison and her father have quit the werewolf biz and she is still broken up with Scott. Isaac is rescued from the Alpha pack by a mysterious girl, but it turns out that he has amnesia and doesn’t remember what he was doing when he was caught. Also, something wicked this way comes, as suddenly animals in Beacon Hills are killing themselves intentionally. Derek tells Scott, while giving him a tattoo, that the leader of the Alpha pack is Deucalion; he’s blind but the strongest werewolf of them all.

During her birthday party, Stiles’ childhood friend, Heather, is kidnapped (she was about to get it on, for the first time, with Stiles and he’d gone to get a condom; I swear this fact is actually important). Turns out Isaac was trying to infiltrate the Alpha pack’s headquarters, which seems to be in some abandoned bank vault, while attempting to rescue Boyd and Erica but was caught. Unfortunately, Erica was already killed, but Scott and Derek are able to rescue Boyd as well as Cora, Derek’s younger sister who he thought was dead. Boyd and Cora were kept from transforming for three months, so they attack Derek and Scott, but it is Allison who sets the werewolves free and saves the boys. Finally, Scott reveals to Allison that her mother had been trying to kill him when Derek bit her. She’s obviously upset. Scott, Derek, and Isaac go to Chris, Allison’s father, to get help to capture Boyd and Cora before they kill anyone.

At the same time that all of this crazy werewolf stuff is happening, Lydia finds a dead body and calls Stiles for help. Later, Stiles discovers Heather’s body in the morgue (he was brought down there by Scott’s mother), and it turns out that she was killed the same way as the boy Lydia found. Stiles, being the smart guy he is, realizes that they were both virgins; he believes that someone is killing virgins as human sacrifices (I told you it was important that Heather was getting it on for the first time). Sheriff Stilinski finds a third dead body killed the same way.

Fortunately, Boyd and Cora are captured in the high school’s boiler room, but a new teacher, Jennifer, was trapped in there with them. Derek sacrifices himself to save her by letting the two werewolves attack him. As the sun rises, Derek is found alive with the werewolves at his feet. Yay for Derek being super-superhuman. It was actually pretty hard to watch them tearing him up while he just took it. Good acting.

Derek after Boyd and Cora

Of course, Derek is attacked again: this time by the Alpha pack. Deucalion offers him a proposition (while he has a metal rod through his body). He must either kill his own Betas and absorb their powers or die. Derek kicks Isaac out in order to save him, so Isaac moves in with Scott.

We find out that the murderer is a Darach, or a dark Druid. Mr. Harris, one of the school teachers, is killed next, but it looks like he might know the killer. Uh oh.

The next episode was really weird: the Beacon Hills cross-country team is on their way to a meet on a bus. Allison and Lydia are following by car to watch Scott. Scott has a wound on his stomach that isn’t healing, which turns out to be from an Alpha. The night before, Scott, Derek, and Isaac launched a pre-emptive strike on the Alphas, which resulted in everyone believing Derek is dead, and Scott feels responsible. After the fight, the Alphas take Ennis, one of their pack, to Dr. Deaton; Dr. D fixes him up but then Deucalion comes in and kills him to absorb his power (you guys, Deucalion is seriously scary). Finally, Allison stitches Scott up (while her dead mother berates her on the sidelines), and his wound is finally able to heal. At the end of the episode, Derek shows up next to Jennifer’s car; he’s wounded badly and passes out. The thing I liked about this episode is that you never really know what’s going on until close to the end.

Jennifer ends up helping Derek heal by having sex with him. I’m not really sure how that worked, but it did, so there you go.

After the craziness on the bus ride, the team must take refuge at a creeptastic motel for the night. Boyd, Ethan (Charlie Carver; one of a pair of twins; they’re part of the Alpha pack) and Scott suffer from some strange hallucinations that make them want to kill themselves. Isaac is forced into a PTSD attack from hallucinations of his dad forcing him into a freezer like he used to do (poor kid hides under his bed and it’s so sad and you just want to hug him). Stiles and Lydia save all the werewolves; Scott is actually about to light himself on fire with gasoline and a flare when Stiles talks him down. ALL THE FEELS. Look at his face below. Lydia realizes that the Darach used wolfsbane to weaken the werewolves minds and trick them.

Scott Motel California

We find out that Scott is a “True Alpha” when he goes to save Deaton who has been captured by the Darach and hung from his wrists in the middle of a mountain ash circle. Scott attempts to force his way through that and his eyes glow red for a second (Alphas’ eyes are red versus the gold color of other werewolves). A “True Alpha” is one who doesn’t have to steal the power of another Alpha but becomes one on sheer force of will. This turns out to be why Deucalion is after Scott.

Kali (Felisha Terrell; the freakiest Alpha in the Alpha pack. She’s got black, claw-like toenails that are seriously gross) forces Derek to kill Boyd and Derek breaks down. We find out next that Derek was forced to kill the girl he was in love with when he was a teenager in order to end her suffering after she was bitten by Ennis (Peter and Derek were hoping to turn her so that she may become one of them). This ended up turning Derek’s eyes from gold to blue because he took an innocent life. It is also revealed that Gerard is the one who blinded Deucalion; Deucalion had come to him to offer peace, but Gerard is not a nice guy and he attacked the werewolves who came.

The Darach is planning on sacrificing three (it happens in groups of threes) guardians next. Scott and Stiles attempt to use Lydia’s strange ability to track the deaths to solve the murders. Lydia discovers Jennifer is the Darach and right as Jennifer is about to kill her, Lydia lets out an unearthly scream. Jennifer realizes she is a Banshee, or “The Wailing Woman”, which explains her strange affinity with the supernatural. Stiles’ dad tries to save Lydia, but Jennifer kidnaps him because he’s a guardian. When Scott goes to Ms. Morrell, the guidance counselor and also an emissary (ambassadors between werewolf packs and humanity), she reveals that Deucalion will either have Scott join his pack as a True Alpha or force him to kill.

Turns out that by guardian, Jennifer actually meant parent. We find this out when Scott’s mom is captured by the Darach. Scott feels that there is no other way to defeat Jennifer, so he joins Deucalion to find her because he promises he’ll help Scott find his mother and Stiles’ father. Allison’s father has been named the next sacrifice, and in order to save Allison, he hands himself over to Jennifer and is taken.


Cora, Derek’s sister, is critically injured. Peter tells Derek that he can save her but at the cost of his Alpha status. Of course, he chooses her over his power and loses his Alpha powers.

Then the seriously crazy stuff happens. Stiles and Dr. Deaton find Scott and tell him that they can find out where their parents are by doing a very dangerous ritual that will result in them being temporarily dead. Um, what?! They are submerged in bathtubs full of ice and forced to stay underneath the water. They end up being in the bathtubs for SIXTEEN hours, but they find out that their parents are being held at the Nemeton, a giant (now cut down) tree that was the thing that gave Jennifer/the Darach her powers.

Jennifer kills Kali and wounds the twins, and then convinces Derek to fight on her side. Deucalion and Scott fight the two of them, while Allison, Isaac, and Stiles rescue the parents. Deucalion becomes this crazy demon-werewolf and takes down Jennifer, but when he tries to force Scott to kill her, Scott blinds him (he’s only blind when he’s human) with a flashbulb arrow. Then the lunar eclipse happens. The werewolves lose their power and Jennifer attacks Deucalion. Derek tells her he can’t actually see what he’s done to her, so she gives him his sight back. Derek attacks her next because she’s been weakened. When the werewolves power returns, she surrounds herself with a circle of mountain ash. Scott forces his way through it and becomes a True Alpha. Deucalion slashes her throat, and then he’s allowed to leave.

At the end of the season, we’ve got: Allison and Chris renewing their code to protect those who can’t protect themselves, all the parents safe (and now Scott’s dad, an FBI, agent is in town; joy), and Jennifer crawling toward the Nemeton again to get power. Peter shows up and when she says he only wants to kill Scott for his power and to become an Alpha again, he kills her and says he’s always been the Alpha. Hoooweeee. That was scary.

I liked that this first part of the season started introducing other types of creatures into the mix, and the pack of Alphas was crazy cool. I also really liked seeing how everything came together in the end; nothing was introduced that didn’t have something to do with the big picture. There was a lot of foreshadowing that I didn’t really realize was there until I thought about it now (I also just rewatched all of the first part of the season On Demand! Yay for marathoning your favorite shows, right?!). Also, Deaton told Scott, Allison, and Stiles that their little ritual was going to have some intense consequences; you can’t die and come back to life without them. And boy, do we get some seriously scary consequences in part two of the season.Stiles in bathtub

I know this was long, and if you made it through, congrats. This was an epic first part to the season, and I didn’t want to leave anything out. Look out for the recap for part 2 later today, and get ready for Season Four tonight! If you want, you can follow me on Twitter, where I’ll be live-tweeting my reaction as I watch. Or you can wait for my review of the first episode later this week!

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