Teen Titans Go! Season 1 – Review

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The original Teen Titans series that aired on Cartoon Network was a show that proved to me once again that Warner Bros. Animation knows exactly what they were doing when it comes to cartoon versions of their Comic IPs. I may be a bit biased, but there are numerous instances of WPR staff enjoying DC animation in whatever guise it is released.

When the series was cancelled in 2006, I was crushed. After five delicious seasons and one TV movie we had to bid adieu to Jump City and Titan’s Tower wondering if we would ever catch up to the young crime-fighters.

Years went by and we had home video releases of DC shows, but it wasn’t until 2013 that us fans learned that we would be getting more of the Titans in the form of the currently running Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go

We were lucky enough to be sent the entire first season of the show from Warner Bros. recently and as much as I want to say that I had been braying at them for a copy, I’m going to be completely honest with you…I have all of the episodes saved on my DVR at home. You see, when the show made the jump from the original to Go!, one big event happened…they kept the series light and didn’t feel the need to keep a story continuity going to appeal to the older demographic.

That’s not to say that Teen Titans Go! is specifically for kids (even though it may be targeted at them) I find myself enjoying each episode the same if not more than when I watch it with my kids. There’s enough funny and zany going on that the kids are entertained while the inner DC nerd is satisfied with the subtle jokes and references that sometimes go unnoticed.

There are instances where some of the jokes are directed directly at the adults watching the show with their kids, case in point is on episode 46 “Missing” where the boy Titans try to return Silkie to Killer Moth (yes Killer friggin’ Moth is on this show) are eventually treated to a revenge montage that is almost shot for shot lifted from the 1984 classic movie The Neverending Story…not kidding, they use the whole scene where Bastian and Falcor chase down the bullies, except it’s Starfire and Silkie chasing down Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.

There of course are numerous other in-jokes that only the old codgers would get but perhaps where the series shines is in the unwavering fearlessness in using other DC characters like the Wonder Twins in episode 14 “You’re Fired” where they end up using Jayna but not Zan because let’s face it Zan has a terrible super power.

The episodes are of the standard Cartoon Network show length of 11 minutes each meaning that there isn’t a huge time commitment when it comes to each episode and thankfully are short enough to keep the attention of even the most attention deficit child out there. I honestly can’t praise this show enough. For me this show is up there in the ranks of other similarly timed shows like Adventure Time and sure as heck surpasses many of the network’s other fare.

The first season contains 52 episodes (tee hee DC reference ahoy), and features the return of the full voice cast from the original series. Those who may have been sitting on the fence about watching this show due to the change in artistic direction need not worry. I was one of those purists who thought that the reduced complexity of the art style into seemingly super-deformed territory wouldn’t do a great job of portraying the characters well. After watching Teen Titans Go!, I would honestly have a hard time going back to the original as these Titans have become the ones I love.

It’s not everyday that a show as funny and full of good times comes our way, I’m just happy to have all of them on hard copy to put on as entertainment when I’m feeling down or need a babysitter while cooking dinner. C’mon 52 episodes is a bunch and each one is its own story. You’ve gotta love that. You can snag a Bluray copy for $23.99!

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