Tecmo Bowl Touches Down Onto iOS

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Old school American Football game Tecmo Bowl Throwback has just been released today on all iOS devices. The kicker? It’s $7.99. In the game you’ll find 28 regular teams and 2 all star teams and you can either play individual games, pre season games or a full season of FOOTBALL. The All Star squads are editable and can be chosen from any of the players in the WFC and BFC divisions and they CAN BE MATCHED FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS OH YEAH IN ALL STAR MODE.

I’m no expert on iOS prices, but $7.99 seems like a lot to me for a mobile game. To me it just doesn’t seem like the kind of game you’d want to play with a touchscreen (tactic making aside), at least on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Still, it might be worth checking out. Below you can find some screenshots that show the game, not the menu screens.

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