The Walking Dead – Season 4 Teaser Trailer

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Don't look back...

The Walking Dead reanimates on February 9th on AMC and they’ve given us yet another look at the second half of season 4. Every day it’s a little easier knowing that come February The Walking Dead will limp, shamble, and shuffle its way back into our lives.

We all know that The Governor died at the end of the first half, or did he? Will we see Carol return? How are Rick and Carl holding up and have they found baby Judith (if she’s still alive)?

Are these trailers helping or hurting the agglomeration of Walking Dead fans out there patiently awaiting its return? We’ve been left with so many questions and very few answers with each trailer released. I hope to be blown away by all that’s in store for the fragmented prison group in the second half of season 4. I am satisfied with a large portion of the characters they have killed off thus far, but am curious to see what ideas these writers have concocted, will they keep our interest? I know a few of my fellow WatchPlayRead’ers aren’t as sated.

What do you hope will transpire when The Walking Dead returns?


The Walking Dead - Season 4

WatchPlayRead loves our readers and some of us love The Walking Dead, so why not mesh the two? Stay here for all the latest news! With Season 4 just around the corner there is plenty to be excited for and once it returns we’ll have episode recaps for you each week. Let’s get the conversation started!!

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