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Tarantino Sues Gawker Over Hateful Eight Script Leak

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You might recall that Quentin Tarantino is extremely pissed that his script for The Hateful Eight was leaked recently, well Gawker Media managed to get their hands on it and posted it for the entire world to see. This of course led to Mr. Tarantino suing the company for a Dr. Evil-esque “One Million Dollars”. Gawker Media’s Defamer blog posted the script last week and touted itself as the first source for the script in only a way that the Gawker people could do, see iPhone 4 drama for another example. Also listed in the lawsuit is which allegedly ignored multiple DMCA requests to remove the obviously copyrighted material. There are also multiple unnamed defendants, 8 total (oh the irony) Mr. Tarantino believes are involved in the distribution.

Quentin-Tarantino-sues-Gawker-over-leaked-script_st_thIn repsonse to the lawsuit, Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook had the following to say:

Defamer covers what people in Hollywood are talking about. Thanks to Tarantino’s shrewd publicity strategy, the leak of The Hateful Eight—and the content of the script—had been widely dissected online and was a topic of heated conversation among Defamer readers. News of the fact that it existed on the internet advanced a story that Tarantino himself had launched, and our publication of the link was a routine and unremarkable component of our job: making people aware of news and information about which they are curious.

They have an interesting case on their hands as it wasn’t Gawker who was actually hosting the file, meaning that they were merely sharing something they found interesting, but they WERE responsible for propagating it all over the web, which arguably Tarantino can argue that it caused him financial harm. One thing is for certain is that this will be an incredibly dramatic case that will cause ripples across the Internet as sites like Gawker and even us at WatchPlayRead live for news like the story that got them in trouble.


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