Tammy: Is It Worth Your Money?

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Tammy is the new vehicle for the currently very popular Melissa McCarthy, the very funny actress from The Heat, Brides Maids, and Mike & Molly. It was also co-written by McCarthy along with her husband Ben Falcone who directs this film.
Tammy, the titular character, is a woman who loses most everything she had in one day: her car, her job, and her husband. Her response to this is to leave town along with her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon) who is only willing to fund the trip if she can come as well. The only problem is, Pearl is an alchaholic, pill popping, trouble maker. Hijinks most certainly ensue as both women go on a hilarious journey to find themselves.

Tammy was not amazing. It’s not the type of movie you must add to your movie collection. It’s not worth rushing out to see opening weekend and it’s barely worth seeing in theaters at all. Tammy is however, perfect to watch on some pay channel late at night when you’re bored. Hell, it’s even one you can watch a few times in that situation. If you don’t have cable then it’d be worth a rental, or a stream.

So why is this movie only mediocre? Despite us seeing McCarthy at probably her best comedically, the writing was a bit subpar. Character development only really happens for the two main characters (Tammy and Pearl). Even they don’t develop very much and the characters around them don’t seem to develop at all.

In addition to the flawed writing, there were some issues with the editing and the directing. It honestly felt like producers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell tried to guide director Ben Falcone through making an Adam McKay movie. So what we got (visually) was a watered down Anchor Man or Step Brothers.

So what was good enough about this movie to make it worth watching after I just spent two paragraphs bashing it? Well, I did state earlier that this was probably McCarthy’s best comedic performance. Not to say I didn’t think The Heat was a much funnier movie, but on a personal level I think she finally locked down her humor in a way that doesn’t seem like she’s trying too hard

In addition to McCarthy being hilarious, we get to see Susan Sarandon absolutely kill it as Pearl. Allison Janney as Tammy’s mom, Kathy Bates as Pearl’s rich lesbian cousin, and Sarah Baker as Becky, a fast food employee who Tammy befriends in a weird way, also stand out. The long and short of it is, this movie has a strong female cast of funny and talented actors.

My best advice for you the consumer is wait to see Tammy. It’s ok, I guarantee this movie will be readily available 3 to 4 months from now. It’s worth your money, just not a whole lot of it.

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