Alan Smithee

Tales of Fatherhood — My God, The Drool!

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Now that my adorable little poo factory has reached her 3rd month of life, nature has bestowed upon her one of the cruelest developments in human evolution…teething.

Along with the increased fussyness and general moodyness that is a human that can’t properly express themselves, she also has an increase in drool that rivals the amount of water spilled over Niagra Falls each second.

This was always one of my most dreaded new abilities she would be gaining. Not only would I have to dread most of her other bodily fluids, but now I have to make sure that my wife isn’t passing me a loaded weapon each time I pick her up. Anyone that has seen Ghostbusters knows exactly how I feel when I lift her off from my shoulder only to find a wet spot on my shirt that makes even me blush.


The flip-side to this situation is that she now smiles, alot. Everytime she looks at her daddy doing anything, it makes her grin from ear to ear. There’s nothing she can do during the day to stress me out that isn’t immediately wiped away whenever I see that grin…it’s amazing.

So maybe this time it’s not as thrilling of getting every type of bodily fluid on me at once like last time, but I have to say this this is fatherhood thing is getting easier and much better now that she’s more lively. I can’t wait to see what she starts doing next.

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