Taken 2, Movie Review

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The worst part about Taken 2 is that as a man, I realize how woefully unknowledgeable I am about personal defense let alone the protection of a wife and child. I would play the wife in this movie, just crying and bleeding all over the place. That being said, I loved this film, Liam Neeson is an incredible action star if not an unexpected one. He truly personifies the look and feel of a retired NSA, CIA, i.e. complete badass.

I will say the film does take about 20 minutes to get going and you find yourself on edge wondering when they are all going to be taken, in the end this just helps with the excitement and anticipation of the film. Taken 2 isn’t much different from Taken the original. Different people are kidnapped and in a different order, but by no means is this a lame duck. On the contrary it is a great fast paced film that gives you a small window into the world of covert special operations abilities. Do you know how to track your distance while handcuffed and blindfolded by the ticking of your second hand on a watch? Yeah, me neither, but it seems there are people out there that do. In the end this is a great film to watch, it’s entertaining and sure to be cult classic much like the original. Now, if only I could remember that karate class from when I was 6.

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