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Take it or leave it, Akira live action just lost its director

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Albert Hughes, director for From Hell and Book of Eli (as one half of the Hughes Brothers) has stepped down from the director role for the Warner Brother’s production of Akira. We can all breathe a little easier.

It’s not that I have anything against Albert Hughes, quite the opposite in fact. I thought that Book of Eli was one of the most visually beautiful movies that I saw last year. The problem I have is with the recreation of a classic pop culture icon, into a modern day marketing slob.

Akira is perhaps the most quintessential Manga and Anime films of all time. If you haven’t seen it or at least read it, you really are doing a disservice to the Japanese film business. When Warner Brother’s picked up the rights to the film, we squealed with delight. Seriously, I made sounds that resembled a little girl.

Then we heard “…. except it will be in New York.” And things like “…. Keanu Reeves.” or “Leonardo DiCaprio” and suddenly, all hope was lost for savings this important remake.

Now even the director of the film has bailed. And while I can’t blame him, this leave Akira in one of two boats… Dead in the water. or…. let’s just get something done, so we can hold onto the rights to the title.

Lord, please let it be the first. Because the second is just a horrible prospect.


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