Take a minute to think about Bizarre Creations on Friday

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The veteran developer will close its doors for the last time on Friday as the Liverpool based studio comes to an end.Bizarre Creations were formed in 1994 and first found success when they were tasked with designing Formula One on PS1 and PC. They later went on to make Metropolis Street Racer, Fur Fighters, Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars and Boom Boom Rocket to name a few. Trouble for the company started in 2007 when they were bought by Activision. In their short time with the company they only made Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone for the publisher and both had poor sales at retail. In November Activision decided to try and sell the company but without being able to find a buyer, they are now closing the studio.

We wish the staff at Bizarre Creations the best of luck in finding new jobs.

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