Ryan Wilson

Indie Games Winter Uprising to Save XBLIG from Mediocrity

Indie Games Winter Uprising to Save XBLIG from Mediocrity

As WatchPlayRead’s resident game developer, I’ve contemplated developing in the XNA runtime environment, Microsoft’s proprietary platform for Xbox 360 and PC development, only to turn away when I saw the top selling titles were populated by clones, avatar gimmicks, and fart titles. While a few good titles such as Carneyvale Showtime, Miner Dig Deep, and […]

 Alan Smithee

Dream Build Play Challenger – Inferus

I just stumbled upon this video for one of the games that has been entered into the Dream Build Play Challenge that looks amazing like a cross between Strider and Castlevania in gameplay. It does my heart good to see that people are still trying to keep 2D gaming alive.


Remote Masseuse: Online love takes a bold step forward

I was hanging out in an IRC chat room today when one of the people there casually mentioned he had developed a game for the XBL Marketplace using the XNA library for Visual Studio. While this isn’t that rare of a thing, what was interesting was the game itself. It’s a game that uses the […]