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Derp-a-Derp Guerilla, Seriously Derp-a-Derp

Derp-a-Derp Guerilla, Seriously Derp-a-Derp

In probably one of the silliest interviews that I’ve read in weeks past, one of the guys from Guerilla states one of the most obvious things that anyone who’s ever played a game for longer than 30 minutes should already know. You need story AND gameplay to have a great game.


My Impressions of Red Faction: Guerrilla

My Impressions of <em>Red Faction: Guerrilla</em>

So like many others, I recently got my hands on the Red Faction: Guerrilla Beta. At first, I didn’t have any luck getting a beta code until Demi (aka Gynecologist Cobra, aka ElectroLemon) of Destructoid’s Community Blogs suggested using a proxy. Then it was simply a matter of lying my way into the beta. So […]